How long can I let yellowing sugar leaves go on while plants keep growing?

Details of grow:
In FoxFarm Happy Frog soil, using Dutch Master nutes (but at about ¼ recommended dosage until last time when I put in about ⅓).

Lemon Jeffery from seed (feminized from Irie Genetics). 75 days from flipping to 12/12, 68 days since flowers started appearing. According to the package, the Lemon Jeffery has a flowering period of 60-70 days.

As my first grow, I did a lot of “experimenting”: topping, FIMing, supercropping, defoliating. My plants should have given up and died. But I guess the phrase “Whatever doesn’t kill me will make me stronger” applies.

Now, the colas have continued to grow and become denser. But, most of the sugar leaves have become greenish yellow to yellow. The colas look really healthy and the trichomes are still mostly clear, some cloudy and only a few amber trichomes sprinkled throughout the grow.

It looks like I have at least a week or more for the top colas to ripen, but I was planning on a staged harvest weeks longer because I have so many popcorn sized buds. I am not flushing because my plants have been only lightly fertilized. I’ve picked a couple of colas, dried in the convection oven (@225F for 60 minutes) and let Hubby try it out. Not too harsh, considering and a decent high, but he agrees that it needs more time. But, except for the yellowing, the plants and leaves look pretty healthy.

My question is, at what point do I have to just suck it up and harvest everything? I water every 5-6 days and I’m continuing my low dosage of nutes. I don’t want to lose what I’ve been working so hard on! Thanks in advance for your advice!

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I didn’t get a lot of up close shots, but the one I saw all of the pistils are brown. When all the pistils are brown, they are considered ready for harvest at any time.


Thank you, Covertgrower. Yes, the pistils are part of the equation. Should I chop the top colas even with many clear and cloudy trichomes. Maybe I have less than 1% amber, if that.

So, are you saying I should chop now? Do you recommend that I chop even all the small buds with white pistils, no cloudy trichomes, no amber trichomes?

I don’t want to harvest late, but I also want the couch lock of amber trichomes for my mmj needs. If course I would like to finish yesterday, but I also want optimum peak medication effect.

My question still is, will it harm my plants to continue with yellowing leaves and at what point must I harvest everything?

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I just harvested and leaves were way far gone compared to that.

Light green yellowing isn’t bad. It’s just eating up the reserves in the leaves.
I wouldnt worry much unless they get dead brown and cause rot.

If you want more amber, just keep checking until they get to your liking. Everyone has a different need, and I harvest with very little amber. Just be aware, sometimes they don’t amber very much. You can chop the tops if you feel they’re amber enough, or wait. Entirely up to you.

These are duplicate/cross posts on my threads, so those of you who are interested in my grow results don’t have to go through all of my threads to search for my harvest info. I’m doing what I wish other posters do.

If duplicate posts of my grow results aren’t allowed, please let me know.

From another of my threads:

"Yeah! Eleven weeks since 12/12 flip today and I did my top harvest this morning! I looked at each bud at the trichomes (with the loupe) and they are mostly cloudy with sprinkling of amber ones. The full amount so far from the six plants is 363g! Recently I’ve been drying buds for Hubby’s sampling and the yield has been about 25%, so assuming a yield of 22.5%, it’s 2.90oz! I was hoping to get at least an ounce a plant and it looks like I’ll get it. I’m thrilled at my results, given that this is the first grow! Hubby and I have quite a tolerance, but so far it’s stronger than what we usually buy at the dispensary. My son reported that one of his non-tolerant (as far as frequency of use) friends smoked a bud from last week and said that it is excellent.

I picked the ones that are ready and some of the smaller buds that were casting shade. Afterwards, I watered with 1/3 prescribed nutes. I’m not flushing, nor am I doing a blackout period due to the staged harvest. I’ll continue to update my posts. It bothers me that so many people post with questions and problems, but my main question usually goes unanswered: the yield at the end of the full harvest.

Next harvest in five days (right before the next watering is due).

As long as you do a proper dry and cure method instead of that quick dry in the oven, you should be fine harvesting now. I harvested at low amber as well and my yield was way smaller, but the smoke is amazing and flavor was smooth. Obviously, the grow is a huge part of the process, but the cure is what really sends it. The longer the cure, the better the smoke.