How it look now its about 13 days old

@MrPeat how you been here is another picture of my plant just wanting more advice from you you inspire me a lot thank you for your help


@jaon7615 Looking good so far. You may want to water the girl/girls a little farther out. As this allows the roots to spread out. :+1::+1::+1:


I agree 100% with @MrPeat looking good! :v::call_me_hand:

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Its gonna start growing like a weed in the next week or so…
They start slow but really speed up about now
I have to mention that it seems to look hungry. The first set of leaves are yellow already.
Looks like its in backyard dirt, looks just like what I have in the yard.
You may need to start lightly feeding her right now. As mentioned water a bit farther to make the roots stretch out, but try not to overwater.

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