How do you make Hash

Firstly let me apologise if I’ve not found the correct category for this question. It’s something you seldom hear people discuss and yet for me is a really interesting part of growing. If it’s one of those questions that poses more questions than answers then is it okay to ask for book names etc where I can read about this myself.
Thanks and stay safe.

I make hash with my frozen fresh trim, a small 5 gallon washing machine and Bubblebagdude’s bubble bags. After I’ve collected all the kief from the bags, I dry it in the freezer then later roll them out with a wine bottle filled with warm/hot water.

Pretty much like this guy:


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I’ve made hash a hand full of times I used the master blaster method found on YouTube for old skool hash … so it goes like this you make RSO oil (Rick Simpson oil) then once you have the oil you mix in kief till you get the right consistency … It won’t disappoint