How do you grow regular seeds?

been growing female seeds - want to start growing regular seeds: Is this the correct way:

grow seedlings for 3 weeks or until they show their sex - then you sex them male/female
The light cycle for this is 12/12 from seed or weeks 1-2 at18/6 cycle then 12/12 for week 3 or untill sex is determined;
what about this: 12/12 from seed under a red “spec” light (flower light with red, infer red, ect – have used this when growing sativa’s (fems) and sex can be determined at end of week 2
Anyway use a 1 gallon pot and then once sex is determined go to 3gallon, 5gallon. ect)

All input welcome —Thanks/Peace average # of seeds per strain is 6 which would come ou to at leas 3 females =maybe a 50-50% rate ??


I took all of the guesswork out of it, and use Farmer Freeman DNA sex testing. If you buy 10, you can get them for $12 each. Results are 100% accurate, and turn-around is very quick.


Better to grow under 18/6 and take clones from them to grow under 12/12 to determine sex.
That way you dont disrupt the grow of the original plant.


thanks never thought of that

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I would take the guess out of it + time !!

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Beats the heck out of waiting to see.


Yes. I sent these off yesterday, I expect to know by the weekend, maybe Monday: