How do I keep my plants watered when I'm leaving for 30 days

Have you guys ever left your plants unattended for a long time, what should I do?
I’ll be gone 30 days of course everything’s on the timer except water and nutrients…
The only thing I can think of is feed right before I leave and get a Plant nanny and hope it will last while I’m gone… Any suggestions would be appreciated thank you

When I started growing buying seeds online was not something that was commonly done. Growing was illegal and I was paranoid to even try ordering seeds. My solution was to keep a perpetual grow going for the better part of ten years, cloning the next generation off the last generation.

I also liked spending a month in the winter canoeing the Everglades so I had to come up with solution. It took a few years to perfect something that worked well enough. Not being around to monitor the plant would cause problems like light burns when plants grew into the light, but overall they did ok.

Now when I go away for extended periods I plan ahead and plant the grow in AutoPots. A big reservoir, the right nutrient line, and they do just fine. You still have to worry about how big they can get in a month and plan ahead.

30 days is a long time. You’ll need someone to water/feed that you trust. Can’t do much else because you won’t be able to have enough water to last 30 days if you set up drippers on a timer


Ask mom. That’s what I usually do
God bless her little heart, but like @MattyBear said 30 days is a long period of time