How did I end up with all female plants?

Not complaining by no means! Earlier this year I purchased some bud from a local dispensery.
The smoke was excellent and had good flavor. A couple of buds out of the 5 grams I purchased
had some seeds in it so just for kicks and giggles I germinated them in some wet napkins, after a few days they started to sprout so I through them in the ground and they really took off.
My question I have is how did all 6 of my plants become female?
Also I’ve been giving them small doses of Miricle Grow with there feeding every day.
Not sure if that’s a good thing or not but all 6 of my plants are big, bushy and very buddy.
I know I need to cut them off from there neutriants a couple of weeks before harvest.
Any help with these 2 questions would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks Digdoug

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Hello @Digdoug.

Your seeds were feminized. I would not suggest Miracle Grow products for your smoke. I used to use it, but after spending some time here and doing a lot of reading, I realized that while it worked, it also caused many of the issues I always seemed to have.

Robert’s grow bible. Get it. :wink:


You better not be complaining haha, you got 6 out of 6 females! That’s so awesome!

Good job dude, got any pics to share? :maple_leaf:



And here it is. It’s a free download.

Thanks @garrigan62. I need to improve my linking skills.

Ive used miracle grow but in bery small doses that are in my spray bottle. Best thing tou could do is get some organics. Nothing real fancy if money is an issue, but wally world has Jobes organic all purpose, and my plants love it for vegging, I switched to a bloom formula once in flower, but its only 5 bucks and it makes great tea, or mix. Im not a pro, and I started out very basic, now I have a nice setup, just make the plants happy and they will do the same in turn.


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some folks are just lucky?