How can i setup my ac in my grow tent

My temperature is getting hot in my grow tent so i bought a ac window unit to go into it. How could i set up this window unit up.


Not sure because it will exhaust more hot air than it blows out cold air. But I’m sure somebody has figured out a way to exhaust the hot air.

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I think a portable ac would be more ideal since you’d be able to exhaust the hot air out of the tent but I’m sure someone here macgyver‘ed something

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What size is your tent and temp?

You don’t want to put the air conditioning unit inside the tent. Condition the room the tent is in and let it pull the air into the tent.


What he said :point_up:


Controlling the temperature from the area or room you’re pulling fresh air from is the easiest way to manage temperature inside tent as @TommyBahama mentioned.


I had to modify a tent I used in the garage. It wasn’t possible to condition the whole garage without an ungodly electric bill. I added a window unit to the tent by cutting a flap on the side and installing the ac through that. The issue with this is the AC also dehumidifies. You’ll need something like an ink bird humidity controller and a humidifier to help control that.


Knew someone would try it and figure it out.

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Thank you Bobbydigital. I was thinking about doing the same thing but i wasnt for sure if it would work. In i already have the ink bird controller and a humidifier so i should be good. Thanks again

@BobbyDigital …. I tried THIS, as an experiment in my garage as well. Bought a new HAIER 8000 BTU portable. I bought HVAC parts, Gorilla tape, cardboard box at Home Depot and fabricated an intake manifold style chamber for the back. I used all 6 inch hose to feed air into the top and pull air back out at the bottom of the tent. Used 6 inch to match their exhaust hose size. On the first run, she didn’t blow out much air at all. Then, I added a second intake port at the bottom and she improved a lot, but not to my liking. So… I pulled all the HVAC parts & box off to try another approach. Just don’t want to put the unit inside the tent. Yeah, it would work ok and I would only have the exhaust hose to mess with, but why? I have a 2 car garage that wouldn’t be that hard to keep the temp around 75 degrees or so.


I’m in southeast Texas so my garage runs 85* most of the year. Add the grow lights and the tent would hit mid 90’s. Keeping the tent around 75* wasn’t a big deal with the ac but keeping the humidity steady became a chore. Once the ac kicked on, it would plummet the humidity from 60’s to 30’s. A humidifier kicking on with the ac helped but if you didn’t stay on top of it, it would run out of water quickly.

@BobbyDigital …. I’m in the center of North Carolina, in the summer here, we get heavy rain, temps that stay between 80’s @ night to 95 or higher during the day, high humidity too. My house faces north, and the home builder added insulation in the left, right and the common wall that separates the garage from the house. The builder drywalled the whole inside, even the lid (celling) too! I have a roll up garage door that I’m going to insulate. Amazon sells Owens Corning R8 insulation pieces that fit into each section of the roll up door, so I bought 2 boxes and a new rubber strip for the bottom of the door. Hopefully, in the heat of the summer, I’ll be able to keep temps in the 70’s.

Mine is also insulated all the way around with plywood on the inside then drywall over that (except the bottom 4’ that I had to rip out after hurricane Harvey). I also insulated the garage door but it seemed counter productive. It actually got hotter because the heat could still get in but it couldn’t get out. Planning on trying a radiant barrier on the door instead.

@BobbyDigital …. my garage has an attic access, so I put a 20" 3 speed fan laying down flat on it’s back in that access. It helps A LOT to pull warm/hot air up and out to the roof vents. I’m also exhausting ALL tent air up to that attic via a 6" hose so that none of it gets recirculated in the garage. Funny, we’re not just growers. We do R&D, Design & Fabrication, problem solving.

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Where can i find the front piece that funnels the cold air out? Cant find a name for it, dont know where to start.

Could you provide a list so i could build yhis myself.