How can I raise my ph in soil?

My soil’s ph,Black Gold all purpose, had a 6.5 when I planted but it’s reading 5.0.
All of my 3 and 5 gallon containers after 4 weeks now read 5.0.I’m using Miracle Gro fert at 25% strength.
Can I dissolve lime in water until it ph’s at 7-7.5 and use it every 2-3 waterings until ph comes back up to 6.5?
Would vineagear or baking soda work?

Vinegar is a home ph down, baking soda raises ph, but I would never put it in soil.

PH should be between 6.5-7.0, not above.

pulverized Dolomitic lime Can be mixed in the soil. I recommend adjusting ph of nutrien solution to 7.5, and watering. The plant will take up the nutrients quickly and the higher ph of the solution will balance against thelow ph reading you are getting.

BTW. What are you using to gauge your ph? What method? That could also be the issue. Perhaps a bad tester…

I’m using a probe,a liquid drip test and a soil tester.
I’m getting different readings with each test.
If I use water out of soil that has been sitting for 3-4 hours it tests 5.0 every time.Even if I water with a ph of 7.0.

I use this test and so far I get 7.0 twice.Once with fresh soil again with used soil.
Luster Leaf Gardening Products - Soil Test Kits

If I use this I get 5.0,6.0 or 6.5.I think it may be junk.
Luster Leaf Gardening Products - Mini Testers
I really don’t know what to do or what test to trust.

I would keep feeding my plants with 7.0 ph solution, and as long as they look healthy; that would be my gauge.

Only other idea would be to buy a ph pen, and read the runoff. What you are using is going to get you in the range, but not perfect.