Houston, we have a problem...snapped stem

Snapped the main stem, will tape fix this?


Yep. A little honey on it will help keep it sterile and electrical tape to hold it. If you need use a popsicle stick to splint it or something similar. It will be fine…


almost 2/3 way through barely hanging on, healed well, droop stopped in 2 or 3 days. cover from rolling papers and 2 strips tape, I was worried about sticking but maybe didnt matter


Repair kit was on stanby

Patched up, hopefully it holds.

Now, for your regularly scheduled programming…



Here is a side branch I split and didn’t realize it, they tough girls :green_heart::metal:


Electrical tape is good. Teflon tape, to me is a better bet. No sticky adhesive.


Honey and some tape. She came out on top. No worries there buddy

She was already a small ball of fire before the snap


I have been seeing alot of guys with the bags with eyelets around the top edge, where are you guys getting them? Better than poking holes. I mean, if i really wanted to i guess i could hit up harbor freight and get some tarp eyelets for cheap but figured I’d ask.



I get mine from AC Infinity on Amazon. You get 5 5 gallon pots for like 15 bucks. They make 1 gallon 2 gallon. 3 gallon and 5 gallon. You can go bigger to like 10 and 20 gallon.

The eyelets are for LST. I’ll just roll those down so the eyes aren’t being used and I’ll just use binder clips and it’ll add more stability to the ring of the pot. If not, sometimes you can try to do LST in it or fold the pot in towards the plant and with the binder clips and folding the lip down I found that you get more stability with your LST…

Also, with them being the felt pots, it allows for aeration of your roots, so they’re not just sitting in water

Helps with dry and wet cycle for me.

Kind of like this.



Yeah, I have 5 gal fabric pots as well I just like the idea of the eylets cause right now I’m poking holes in the bags and fishing the pipe cleaners through that. It works well cause i can train however I want but if i got eyelets and binder clips that would work even better.

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Alittle tlc and I think she will be fine. Plants are pretty amazing and resilient. I was doing some LSTing this past season and got alittle hand heavy with one of the Sticky Ickys.
The stalk spilt in such a way that it made a little pocket. It’s was the wildest thing ever. It would even collect water and drain on its own. Lol

I wasn’t sure how she was going to react through the entire season but I didn’t notice one negative effect. The plant still produced some amazing flowers.


Aloe Vera is excellent for breaks and it doesn’t attract bugs. I keep a aloe plant in the grow room for just such emergencies. :v::call_me_hand:


Look into the rubber coated garden wire. Reusable

Gentle on your plants.


A must have for the crash cart. :sunglasses::v::call_me_hand:


Breaking a stem isn’t a big deal if you fix it immediately. And you will break one if you do any training at all. I tore one off to the last strand of fiber and put aloe vera on it taped it and was good to go. But you gotta act fast! I have a crash cart in hands reach of the plants with all the tools of the trade in it :sunglasses::v::call_me_hand: