Horticulture shipping times

Has anyone ordered a horticulture led? How long does it take to get the unassembled 600h? It’s been a week and it still hasn’t shipped? 2 weeks into flower, piss poor planning. Lol

I ordered from growerslights on 2 separate occasions the HLG600H and average time from order to arrival was about 7 work days.
They were in stock at the time. Give them a call and explain your situation maybe they can give you a better idea when to expect and or expedite things.

I ordered the same from the same, at first I ordered the assembled light, 3 days later I got email, we busy will be at least 2 weeks, so I changed my order to unassembled, got email confirmation, they will send email when it ships, that’s been 7 days, ehhhhh, so how do you like the 600 h? It’s gotta beat my Chinese crap I’m using now.


Sometimes there are snafus.
My order to arrival with hlg has been 4-7 days. ZERO complaints.


Love them
They are beasts that need tamed lol.
I had to order one of these to tame them

Just working on dialing them in for height above, coverage area and power settings and plant stage to maximize growth without burn.
You will be very please when it arrives. I would suggest starting off conservative to start with height above and power settings.
May want to ask @dbrn32 if you have more questions on things or if issues come up.


There was a point where these were selling out within an hour of being in stock. I suspect with some of the discounted packages and people’s tax returns having been coming in for a while that they have been going out of stock quickly. Hlg and growerslights are both legit companies, you’ll get your light.


I too am TRYING to be patient, but when I ordered, the light was in stock. Now it shows SOLD OUT, and I still haven’t gotten a status update beyond “confirmed” (aka: thanks for the 400 smackers!!)

It took me almost a month before i got my 320 xw they were backed up really bad this was in march

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