Buying lights online

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Does anyone have experience with growerslights? Ordered quite a bit from them and have not heard a word nor seen anything about shipping…tried calling and no answer nor call back…a little disappointing but I’m hoping they are just overly busy…

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I found a couple real comments on a different forum. Seems like they get behind at times and dont respond quickly, but everyone got the product. So perhaps they are just running behind.


I removed link as they aren’t an approved vendor. My experience is similar with @Spiney_norman

My experience was horrible. I placed an order and received confirmation email. Had no information about estimated shipping date so I contacted them and got no reply. The pending charge of $368 sat for 10 days and my bank automatically booted it out. I contacted the website email again and nothing. I did not get ripped off exactly because they took no money but I was highly disappointed not to get the product I needed

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I had a similar experience. I didn’t hear anything for a few weeks then the “item shipped” notification came and the lights arrived 2 days later.

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Did have a similar issue. Ordered no responce in a week, called them, oops they said and shipped out that day. Recieved and everything perfect. Maybe they need a better mgr for shipping dept. But the hlg product was perfect. Still is.

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Well, I’m getting a little unsettled. I have called them for 3 days in a row and left messages as well as emailed them at both of the only 2 emails I can find without a single response. CC shows as “pending still…so do I call the CC and cancel the payment or should I wait a little longer?

Cancel the order and order through hlg