Horticulture Lighting Group - HLG 300L

Does anyone have any experience or knowledge of the HLG 300L LED lige by Horticulture Lighting Group? I was torn between the vivoson vs2000 or the spider farmer sf2000 for my new 2.5’x5’ grow tent. I was told the HLG was a superior fixture but not sure if the co. was just trying to sell their light.
I have another tent set up and I also have a sf1000 and a vs1000 and have had no problems with either. The HLG is more expensive and just not sure if it is worth more money than either of the other two fixtures.
I would appreciate any direction to help me make a decision. I am not able to purchase this directly as I have to budget and save for it. I just get confused over various manufacturers products and them saying theirs is the best.
Thank you for any advice, I do appreciate all advice I have had from this site in the past also.


You can’t go wrong with an HLG product not to say anything bad about your other choices they are good lights but there you want the best tools in your box HLG is one of the best


Marshydro sp3000 would be absolutely perfect for that size grow space. I use one in a closet that 2.5x5

I also have a sf2000 that I run in a 1.65x3

I started with the sf2000 in the closet and it did work well in the space.

Hlg makes great lights.
I have 2 spiderfarmer lights, the sf2000 and their upgraded “grey” se3000.
So I know spiderfarmer is great for price range.

I dont know alot about vivosun lights so can’t speak about them really…


HLG is a top tier lighting co. Spider, Mars, Vivo and others are bottom of the barrel cheap junk China lights.

I respectfully disagree. They may not be on the same level as HLG, but they certainly don’t deserve “Bottom of the Barrel” status. Some of their early lights were of the Blurple variety, but current selections are not awful.


I am leaning toward HLG fixture as many have recommended it. I do have one each sf1000 and vs1000 and have had no trouble during and excellent grow. I need a fixture for my 2.3’x5’ tent and this HLG300L has been focused as top of the line. So, after many recommendations HLG it is.
thank all of you for giving me advice, I do appreciate it.

Congrats! The Rspec boards while not Diablo boards are very good indeed. I upgraded my old HLG 260 gen 1 fixture to Rspec and then added another 260 Rspec fixture for use in my 3x3. And just recently added a 2x4 tent and if one 350R is good two is better. If there is anyway you can swing a 350R do it! I will more than likely be updating my Rspec boards to the Diablo boards down the road when they have another big sale.

Rspec 260’s


You won’t regret your choice. I have the 300 and have only had great luck with it. I use it in my 4x4 with some help. It’s rated for a 3x3 space you it will do you wonders in your 2.5 space. Picks off first 2 plants taken down last week using the 300 1 plant got 5 oz other 4.5 mostly all are solid rock hard bud so that’s my vote. Pic of harvest, pics of of all 4 plants


Just checked out the HLG350R and that will be my choice. I have to budget and save for it, disabled vet on limited income, maybe a month or two but will get this one. Hopefully, they say one will cover my 2.5’x5’ tent with three auto pot 3.9 buckets.
Thanks for the advice you made my mind up as did so many offering this light as one of the best.

I texted a few days ago and they offered 5%, the normal with all companies is 10%. I don’t mind, just need two months saving toward it. My boiler needs service so after that I will be able to start my second grow, first in new tent. My 3’x3’ is just about ready. Tried a bud that I accidently cut off two weeks ago and even though it wasn’t ready and still a baby it kicked ass, can’t imagine what these full-grown babies are going to do.

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GROW is a standard 10% discount at check out. And DUDE is 15% I think. They run specials from time to time with 20% and even 25% off codes or sales. Best I’ve got was a one time 30% discount code and that was because I was buying a light and donating it to a worthy grower that was doing a great grow with a shop light and standard light bulbs. Blew my mind what this grower was getting done with nothing…

hope they have a sale in a month or two. I also need one more fan. I already have a spider farms 4" fan and filter and will still need another duct fan. As in my 3x3 I have one fan exhaust and one inlet both with filters.
I have an old photoron unit that I put an LED grow light and two fans, which for the size is overkill. I will keep the exhaust one in there and use the other fan for exhaust with filter in new tent. So, have matts, heaters, humidiers, co 2 canistler, three auto pot 3.9 pots, oscillating fan and now just need one more fan and light fixture. Getting excited.
My 3x3 is about a week away from harvest and I will replace fiber pots in there with two vivoson 5 gal hydro buckets, just to give it a try. Wish me luck!

Hlg led are samsung and not made in china! Samsung is a south korean company. But yes each chip is assembled with top bin in ohio. Hlg all the way. Only thing hlg and china related is there uva housings are assembled in china. That is it. Hlg is king for sure and samsung makes best lefd’s period

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Unfortunately…the inventeonic drivers are indeed most likely made in china which is dissapointing but in the end, my money will go to hlg all the way.

Just bought 300L R spec 319.oo and 3 yr warranty.

I’m waiting on iglm beans, first grow, 5 gal pot4pot, banana kush auto.

Can you recommend light distance and the adjustments needed on light settings for seedlings.

Please and thank you

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HLG is the only way to go. I got a kit with the VS2000 and was disappointed. Day 14 of the grow my 350R arrived. Haven’t regretted the upgrade even once. You will never go wrong with any HLG light. The light is the most important piece of equipment you’ll buy. If you don’t get a good one to start with you’ll be buying another one soon.

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My new light, im trying to understand and learn how to use it.
As per manufacturer, this light was designed to replace a 600w hps. That in itself, sounds very pleasingly to the ear.
Dimmable, its a black box, no markings, ccw is lowest, how and at what setting to calibrate for veg state with my auto seeds. 4x4 room

Will i ever need light upgrade in 4x4?

Dimmable what is manual “or” 0-10v option mean?

What is my ideal ppf for veg? And :blossom:?

Any guidance, please and thank you.

The reality is the HLG light settings for seedling through flower are no different than any other light. For seedling you want to set it down low above the plants and turn the dimmer down. And raise it and turn the dimmer up as they grow. There is no ironclad setting or distance. A meter called a Kill-A-Watt or one like it will show you the watts your light is pulling and give you a number to reckon with the way your eyes are seeing and what the plant is getting/doing. I rarely use my main HLG lights for my seedlings. I have a HLG 100 V2 4000k in each tent that I hang up high and out of the way and bring it down and use for seedlings and very early veg. These 4000k lights help keep seedling stretch down and early node spacing tight. With all that said. I did use my dual 260 Rspec lights with the current auto flower grow I have under themfrom seedling on. Because I used a Kill-A-Watt meter and charted out what my power draw was on each light at every dimmer setting I know what to do with them. So I set them at click #1 which is 30 watts for each light for a total of 60 watts and set the lights 14" above the seedlings. Your 300L is not enough light for a 4’ x 4’ area in flower. It’s good for a 2’ x 4’ enclosure and will get one by in a 3’ x 3’ tent. I run two HLG 260 Rspec ( kit lights ) in my 3’ x 3’ tent w/UVA. Two 300L’s will be a must have in a 4’ x 4’.


As for the ideal ppf in veg and flower i suggest you read up on DLI. There’s an informative thread on here called ‘start using dli’. Put simply it a measure of how much light your plant gets per day. It takes into consideration ppfd and time. I have a DLI chart I’ve posted a couple times that you can use for a reference at each stage of your grow. It’s not exact, but will give you a good place to start. You can brighten, dim and move up or down your light as needed once you see how your plants react. My zkittlez autos didn’t like as much light as the chart shows. The chart is somewhere in that thread I referenced, but if you’d like me to post it here then lmk.

You’ll need something to measure ppfd. Me and a lot of others use the photone app. It’s a hell of a lot cheaper than buying a light meter (it’s free…). That app also calculates DLI for you instantly.

My lights blue spectrum, 400-500nm. What is the target number? Ideal for veg.