HLG vs XLG Meanwell Drivers

Hey all. I have 2x QB96s, each on HLG-185H-54B drivers. I’m looking to get a couple more QB96s and am curious about drivers. I saw Horticulture lighting’s 225 setup, with the QB96 mounted in a frame, and it uses an XLG-200-H-A. XLG drivers are cheaper than the HLG and I’m thinking of getting them, but have no idea what the difference between them is. Would this work well? I’d get the AB version so I can use a potentiometer, they don’t have a B version

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Xlg is a constant power driver and hlg is available as constant voltage/constant current or constant current. Xlg also has 5 year warranty vs hlg 7 year warranty.

Yes it will work.


Always appreciate your input @dbrn32!

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