Hlg mega sale currently

Not sure who is part of there online subscription. But for a short time they got 50% off all refurbs code:mega50, and a choice of select lights if you spend $1000 or more code:mega1000. You could get a free blackwing or 350r is on the selected part of list. Could be big savings! Of course i spent a 1000 not more then 4 months ago im already set, but it can help some1 hopefully.


I saw that too but ac infinity stole my money 1st for them new fans and then i got this email and was like mannnn i knew i really needed new lights instead.50% refurbished or a free light with the purchase of 1k+ not bad but couldnt they wait till tax time lol

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I know it! Need tthose new fans too! Just think 50$ for a 6 inch fan is crazy. Not sure why you would need to auto control them either? But i want them anyway!

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The thought of $50 a fan made me sick but after making a post and asking for reviews im looking forward to getting my fans and 69 controller in. Did i need the controller? Lol no but i sure wanted it. The fans i could justify because the amazon basic ones just werent cutting it anymore


Thanks bro i hope it’s still goin until the 1st so i can cash in​:money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face:

Well there refurbs are all sold out, only type left is the 650r. That was quick. Coulda got scorpion diablo for 500

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Thanks for the tip I’m now the proud owner of a 600 R that should rock my 2x4


Holy cow…600 in a 2x4…will that be enough power? Lol jk…nice grab and im glad atleast one person got to benefit from it.


50 cents a watt I couldn’t pass it up I’m going to have to rearrange my grow area get rid of a 2x2 make room for a 3x3 for that light I’m running 500 in my 2x4 now only have turn it up to 60%

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1)Energy saving
2)Percise environmental control

Moving air not exhausting. Just my opinion. Im going to buy some and mine will be 24/7

I didnt miss understand you.

U do realize a 12 watt fan at 24/7 based on avg of 12 cents a kw will be about 96 cents a month right? The on and off switching motion non stop will hurt the fan more then just leaving it on. Not to mention at no point i would think you want a stale environment of no air recirculation or exhaust. Even closed co2 systems you would want fan movement imo. Sorry if i sound rude, not my intention, just been a master electrician for 20 years now and automating a 12w clip fan still makes no sense to me.

U know what i actually love that response. Good reason i suppose. But i believe they are just pushing more stuff for more money. Still do not believe the risk vs award aspect. Air movement is key with BIG budz. 24/7

Smart move. Ill just buy 4 regular non oscillating style then. Thats a bummer and deal breaker for me. Still believe its a market ploy. I have never heard of a clip fan that oscillates which has lasted the test of time. Still on the basic hurricane clip fans, nothing special at all but they just keep spinning thats for sure.