High THC levels

Just finished the Northern Lights (fem) After smoking a bit , it would take more and more … I kinda like the fem but want a heavier bud. Is the Purple Haze any good ?

White widow is higher thc with nice frosty, sticky buds. Also did you cure your weed, time makes it better.

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Thats the ONLY thing I did right … I only had some buckets and MG soil. Then I could only afford CFL,s , I didnt keep records on growing stage, and didnt get a m/scope to look at the buds … Neither here nor there, lol , I DID dry them out the right way thanks to the members here. The buds were really pretty but were light as feathers… The girls only produced maybe an oz. per plant … AGAIN … Was my first grow .


theory is the brain gets “used” to one strain, translates to tolerance level, and takes a little more…or …better yet…something different.
Just like variety in lovers…variety of weed, it keeps things happening.

Checking the seed selection here will offer: GG, AK47, Banana Kush, Cherry Pie
ALL high thc. ILGM makes it easy to find the type of strains you prefer.

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I already checked them… Werent any real specials … I was looking at the 69.00 / 5 packs … But still being only 1 grow under my belt . Do I do the W.W auto flower or the fem ??? Is the auto flower easier to grow indoors ??

@bluethumb I am not a seasoned grower by any means compared to a lot on here so please this is just my opinion. First let me say that your plants look fantastic especially with mg soil some of those fan leaves are as big as pizza pans looks like. Here’s my take some of the tools for this hobby are expensive and some are cheap. Getting yourself a jewelr’s Loupe to check the trichs is very very important and also very inexpensive. This tool can save you from a bad mistake such an early or late harvest. Could be that you harvested too early and maybe why the results aren’t what you’re looking for, a difference in days /weeks is key to a successful harvest. I would just hate too see someone put months of work on something as beautiful as they were only to make a mistake to wipe out all the hard work for as little as I think I paid $6 for my loupe. I can tell you that you have found the correct site to learn this hobby from some amazing people who happen to all have a common goal to grow this great plant! But dig in roll a fatty and believe me if you’ve had an issue someone on here has as well type it in and see what actions are needed. Tag me if you need anything and I’ll be happy to point you in the right direction.


I bought a loop … I KNOW I did a few things wrong and that attributed to the low mass and yield. The fucking members here were GREAT on getting me on track… I made the mistake on NOT keeping a journal. Wont happen my 2nd time around. I was able to save enough for a DECENT, HPS / MH light and , STILL being on a budget need to find a tastier smoke … I am 49, (been retired for 5 years now) and dont have alot of money , lol … My grow will be indoors, cent. air and exhaust. Does the W/ Widow auto make for a better grow ? I am looking for a THICK / GREEN taste, sit on the couch and watch cartoons high…Yep

Yes white widow will pack a punch grown and cured properly for sure, it’s probably one of if not the most popular strain I see come across the forum. Awesome on the new light that will help. And letting ripen a little longer will have the couch lock your after. Tag me in your grow when your start your journal I want to watch. And I wholeheartedly agree this site is way better than any I’ve visited for sure. Good luck on your grows.

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Until this post…you said nothing about seeking high thc AND SPECIALS.
GG was on sale 10+10 which is the standard special price.
Since you are still learning, suggest you look at the WW reg. it was 10+10 last I looked. WW has a rep for easy grows with good yield.
Avoid auto’s until you are more seasoned and have better equipment.
PH n PPM Meter set is CRITICAL to a grow. Online for $20. Just don’t let the meters get wet past the test line…it trashes them. Yes…yes, several times.

Yes the 10/10 is $40.00 more than the 5 pack tho , Again , looked at the deals … I guess right now I need to find a distributor that can walk me thru the ordering process that I am looking for … I really like it here but you can’t talk to a real person … I know $70 bucks isnt alot to most , but for me it is …
. Yep

I look at the purchase of seeds as an investment as the 10/10 is $40 but it’s also 15 more attempts to harvest successfully. Everyone has to work with what we got and buying 5 at this time could really be all you need if you were sticking with photos as you could clone and make your seeds and $$ stretch for you. Only issue as stated above by Tan is that you could develop an tolerance to the strain.

I personally like the mix packs as variety is nice a again a little more $$ up front but long term it’s worth it. Here I used to pay anywhere from $200-300 depending on quality for a ounce. So wven if I spent a little more on seeds and had a ho hum harvest of just an ounce it’s still puts me ahead in the long run.

I dont pay that… If I cant afford it , nope , will stay with Vodka …Not everyone wants to sell the crops or has the $ to save because buying in bulk is cheaper… I am a "people person " , I like talking to a “person” … Someone cant tell what you really want from a text … I , again , REALLY like this group , but not having a person to actually talk with hinders me buying more products … I found the WW seeds for $60% less and they have a phone # where you can speak to a person , Yep

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WW, fem vs auto.

I have always thought it was a disservice to new growers to automatically suggest autos. The theory is they just need food, water and light. Turns out that anything, ANYTHING you do that stalls the plant will affect the yield. Photos can be grown until they are the height you want. Additionally; some strains are higher potency as a feminized photoperiod than an autoflower. Not always.

There are actually some fine growers that use MG fertilizer but you just have to handle it right to flush the nutes from the plant. And, be sparing with it.

A loupe is a good thing but the fluorescent lights are why your flower was so airy. This is what I would identify and correct simply because of all the time you put in it would be nice to get a good yield. The most important tool IMO is a good digital PH meter. One that you can calibrate.


Have you considered asking someone to go halves on a special with you?

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The problem with going halves on a buy is that you just broke your own security - at least one other person now knows you plan a grow. :expressionless:

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Dont have anyone to ask… Yep

Don’t be too tempted by a “420 Scope”, they only work well on a flat surface. A good loupe is the best way to go, and it’s pocket sized.

There’s also an electronic microscope with a stand that plugs into any USB port, like on a laptop PC. I think that’s the best toy all around!

But regarding White Widow - every single time I hear about it people are saying very positive things. I read a thread somewhere on here that for at least one person, it turned out to be TOO POTENT :scream_cat:

~Which is exactly what I’m looking for on my next grow…

I get that tolerance thing pretty fast. Thats why I allways grow so different strains every grow.
Commercial growers can grow one strain and idk how many plants. But when only you/wife and closest friends consume yourself harvested buds, i dont know why i have to only grow one strain. Its easier but boring. About oz and tolerance are so high.