High Tech grow was deserted…

Recently a friend had to leave his “high tech” grow and move out of state. I mean he left it all.
Today the untended plants were delivered to me to see what I could do with them. They had been left untended for over 3 weeks, no lights, no heat, no anything.
I have a small very low tech grow room and my little plants are doing swell.
I decided to first water all the plants from the deserted grow thoroughly and begin the process of evaluating what else needed to be done.
7 or 8 hours later, I am finished repotting the deserted plants and trimming the dead and dying leaves. Some are very tall and leggy, lack of light etc for those few weeks. Most were completely root bound or roots were headed south. I mixed a completely new batch of soil. Sterilized new larger containers and began the repotting process. The tall ones needed support, they were so sad.
These are all top quality varieties and I’d like to see them be successful. Before re-potting I dipped each root in a solution of warm H2O and Root 66.
They are now in my small grow room sharing one light, (the kind that has the feature to turn off the 2 brightest ones, or the 2 less bright ones ( I forget all the stats, they are T8’s though) or you can use both spectrums simultaneously. They have plenty of ventilation and my grow room is fairly warm and well ventilated The three tall Pineapple of some sort variety are receiving mostly reflected light at the top third of the plant…
I don’t want to risk MY plants and the 4 other ones from the deserted grow by raising the lights just for the tall, leggy plants. Buying another light is not an option, these plants may just croak whatever I do… It was a lot of work, but fun anyway.
I removed all yellowed and dying leaves and stems. One of the tallest pineapple is trying to bud, any suggestions? None of the others are anywhere close. I don’t intend to adjust my light cycle for love of one plant. Any suggestions on that one? It’s cold already in NE GA so anything outdoors is out of the question.
Anyway, any suggestions would be most welcome. I thought it was pretty interesting anyway. The deserted grow room
has the extremely expensive lighting system with ballast and all, just left to ruin I guess. I certainly don’t intend to pay that kind of electricity bill.
A very large “grow room” is there also. Chemicals galore were left. The plants were just delivered to me with a big request for HELP!
I’ve been pretty successful with indoor and especially outdoor growing for several years now.
Any and all comments and suggestions would be welcome. This has been a most curious adventure…

In many cases like this, it is important to decide what is worth saving, and what is just a waste of time. In most cases you will find that the amount of time money and effort into saving the neglected plants is just not worth it. What I would suggest is to fertilize the plants that you repotted and give them a week or so to develop some new growth, then take clones of them. This way you can benefit from acquiring the strains that you want, and don’t keep chasing your ass trying to manage plants that are out of shape. It is hard to waste all that growth, but is probably going to be poor quality buds. You are jeopardizing your plants development in the process of trying to save the problem plants.

What equipment is left? If you can put together a list, someone might be willing to purchase it. Someone like me. :slight_smile:
I am always putting together new grow facilities, and can use any equipment that is good quality.