Are they a lost cause?

Okay, I’ll try to make this as short & painless as I can for you guys so bare with me… still learning.

So while gaining seeds over time from my regular left over stash I had a moment when I thought to germinate a few seeds. I was actually able to do this & then figured hey lets plant em’ for laughs… Surprisingly to me they actually sprouted, now going back & forth in my mind whether to do this seriously I put off a lot of time… These I believe have been vegetative? I think about 17 weeks. I’m honestly realizing how remarkable these plants are to see how they can survive even some of the worst treatment.

Okay; in keeping this short I’ll cut to the chase. The strain used was Bubba Kush, I have 8 plants I think majority are female but hard to tell. From what I’ve read I think one may already be flowering, I think 2 are definitely male though & the rest are a mystery to me.

I stumbled across this forum 3 days ago and have been researching and gaining a lot of knowledge from everyone here. This site seems a lot more user friendly than most. I just want sincere advice if I should try and continue with these plants or just let em’ go. Either way I’ve already placed an order for seeds so I can seriously try the right way. Any advice and help is appreciated!

Did I read that right when you said vegetative for 17 weeks or was that a typo? I believe every plant deserves a chance at life, if you don’t want them send them to me!!

One thing for sure Latewood and Mac would have you fill out a support ticket so here it is,
But first, have you been giving these plants water? If so how much cause to much can cause nitrogen deficiency, caused by ONLY overwatering, in order to fix this; you must stop watering so heavily and frequently
I t just looks to me overwatering. I did the same thing and my plants looked just like your’s do

Have you seen the “support ticket”?

Maybe if you notice anything we haven’t already covered, point it out and answer it

to the best of your ability and maybe it will give us some ideas:

ILGM Support Ticket:

What is the strain?

Indoor or Outdoor? If outdoor, planted in ground or in a container?

Size of space?

Soil or Hydro? Type of Medium used?

pH? Of the soil or medium (root zone) and of the water that is fed to the plant?

Type of nutrients used? NPK? EC/PPM levels?

Temperature? Day vs. night temp or highest and lowest temps? Root zone temps?

Humidity %?

Light system/watts/lumens/FLUX/PAR?

Number “weeks/days” from into Season, Vegetative Growth or Bloom/flowering?


… sadly no that was not a typo, you read correctly. My bf orig had the seeds so we planted them. He thought nothing of it but I noticed how they were growing so have been doing my best from this point to learn how to care for them. I’m new at this too, we definitely want them lol :slight_smile:

Oops! I did see something about support tickets after browsing the site further. My apologies in advance to you, Latewood & Mac :slight_smile: thanks for your input, I saw something on here about that & was thinking possible overwatering too. I remember in the early stages when first planting them we may have gone a little over board, we germinated these seeds late last yr & I just honestly never would’ve thought they would make it this far. I have the support ticket now so when I have all the info I’ll keep you guys posted. Thanks Will!

Look I am no pro so I don’t really know what advice to give, and I am not trying to be rude here but yeah you might want to start over. I am pretty sure people can do full grows in 17 weeks. My plant is growing inches every day and it’s under some real basic cheap lights and in miracle grow soil with no added nutes. You might want to do some research, collect the items you need to be successful (which is not a lot) and try again. Then again I hate wasting plants, if you could just keep them alive until you’re done preparing you might be able to save them. Do you happen to know what the strain was?

I understand, appreciate the feedback. Like I said my bf orig had them, I’m just taking over from here because he didn’t do the necessary research when planting them. I’ve beeen getting some good info from ppl & have been researching so hopefully I can keep em’ alive or atleast save 2 or 3, It’s 8 plants right now from what I can remember there strains are Bubba & OG Kush. While caring for them the past couple weeks they had been thriving but I noticed the discolor so wanted an opinion if they were too far gone, worst case scenario I’ll have better luck starting fresh with the new seeds I guess.

They literally were plants he just had growing on a windowsill so I’ve began gathering the stuff for the grow room, I’m waiting to order a few more things but since I’ve had them they’ve been put in Miracle Grow soil, plain water regimen, on an 18/6 schedule running pretty basic cfl setup.

STOP …Don’t throw them out, they will be fine. just give them some time to recover. After all they were drowning and need time.
I was using cfl ligts and this is what Stoner posted on CFLl’s
I hope this help s…But keep thoughs plants you can save’
The T5 He speaks about are not that exspenive


It’s not so much the CFLs, light is light, but T5s tend to be even brighter than CFLs and create less heat and use less electricity to produce the same lumens. And the fact that you are not light proofing, or I think maybe that is what he might have been talking about from your one picture, the soon to be root area.

Light promotes both algae, which can kill and choke your plant’s soon to be developing roots, and the light promotes chlorophyll production which will reduce the production of roots in the clones’ cut stems. It can be done in an open glass, I know lots of old hippies that used to do it that way all the time, but light proofing them, google or you tube home made bubble cloners, you will see lots of easy ways to make a simple cloning container that will both be light proof and by adding an aquarium pump and airstone, you will dramatically increase your success rate.

Will is correct they will probably recover,however in my experience,once a plant has stunted like that,it will never grow to full potential.The yield will never be what it could’ve been if the plant wasn’t stressed like the plants in the pics.
I myself would cut my losses in time spent and start over.

LMAO…I’em out numbered !


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Sorry Will,but IMHO after 17 weeks it should be in the pipe not the pot.


I know Russ …But the guy is waiting on seeds so why not get some growing experience.
Mine were just as bad, but for only 8 weeks maybe and I learned a lot from what I did to save them. And it didn’t take them all that much time to recover. Here is a pic of them today
By the way…i’em still…LMAO


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I wonder if a plant is stunted or recovers from a serious problem, that if clones are taken once it recovers if they become stunted growth too? I mean, so far, I only have two larger plants not previously damaged, they could be larger now if I had gotten them more light early on. One of my plants still looks bad, a two month old one, but is recovering, I almost am beginning to wonder if it aint permanent for it, or like the soil it is in is bad someway, originally over watered bad.

In my experience,I’ve never seen anything good come from a stunted plant.

I’m so torn lol… but I’m going to try to save them. Possible scenarios, they’ll recover… or just die… crossing fingers at least a couple will make it. I dont think the yield will be good @ all honestly but I started doing so much w/ them already I’m just happy w/ the learning experience. I’ll have to chalk these plants up to trial & error, once my seeds arrive I’ll be able to do an “official first grow” & see the plants full potential. I’m going to give it a world w/ the lighting described and cloning did come up before but I wasn’t sure if it’s something that would help me preserve them at this stage? I’ll be sure to check all this & youtube today

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The plants in this pic were so overwatered it was mud that I removed from around the roots. They were so yellow no green at all and now look @ my girls . if you just give them some loving care and take you time they will in time come back and the fact that they were in the early stage of life they had time to regroup in veg and flower.
And now I stand to reep rewards



I say try to save them, it is better to learn and make all your mistakes on free seeds, in case you do kill them, instead of killing paid for seeds, right?


Russ, That pic was taken about three weeks ago. I’ll get an update later tonight so that you can for your self that if done right they will produce
some sweet weed to smoke I have even taken clones from them just not that long ago


For me, my damaged two month old plants that are holding on, one screwup after another, then I have two other seed started plants that are smaller, both have suffered damaged from over nuting, but are recovering well, except one started having some spotted leaves, just two or four, I unbelieveable. My clones, I already mentioned.

For me, I started out with twenty white widow seeds I purchased here in early February, I was successful germinating seven, and I have six unused white widow left, I know what I did to for sure when I killed off seven seeds by blowing cold air across them during some of the coldest mornings here, a very large fan blowing across five started seedlings and then across my jiffy peat plug domed plastic container. I guess I am luckier than some. And I decided I should not have my five larger plants in white plastic five gallon buckets, big big mistake, the plastic can transmit light to roots, apart from extra aeration holes. I have three gallon plastic pots, seven of them, and I bought some nutrient infused soil I plan on replacing as much as I can in some emergency repotting, a slow release fertilizer potting soil in 2.2 cu. ft bags, .13 .04 .13 NPK rating, cause something just aint right about the soil or something for one of my main older plants, I am gonna pull them out of their white clearish five gallon buckets and attempt to put them in black three gallon pots, I’ll go bigger later to five gallon black plant pots if they get older, it is supposedly one gallon per month of expected plant growth, an old standard for most everything, unsure bout weed. Oh, I believe I saw that said on a Cervantes grow dvd on youtube, but I smoked og kush then watched the video, so eh, haha I learned something I suppose.
If I wanted to shock people, I would take pics of the current state of my clones, many of them, its surprising I have some that will maybe make it, if I leave them alone. I need to make clones right now off two or three plants, badly, I need to receive a book in several days or tomorrow and see stem slicing methods, etc.

I know plants, and I plan on faster than some having some of the most successful and largest and sweetest bud there is, and one I dive into some books I have coming, well, lets just say all that college edumications(ha) have helped me be able to gather information out of books, well, especially if I think about all the times I goofed off, then waited to the last week to read the material for passing grades in finals, for some boring classes. I consider if I don’t know enough the next week, that in about two or three weeks I’ll likely have four, maybe three oldest plants left alive, a few clones, etc. I was right about led lights helping me out on heat reduction in a very small space till I expand, the only thing I have done right.

You got that right MacG