Hi Guys-what is up with my plants?

Ok, this is my second grow, first 3 plants went perfect. Growing Green Crack here in Huatulco, Oaxaca, Mexico, right on the coast. Have not grown since in college some 40 years ago.
Using water bottles, mix up my own compost soil with nutrients added in and also stuff to keep the soil aerated! . Have no bugs or pests, grow outdoors then supplemented with a grow tent for additional light.
Tried to match up pics with nutrient deficiencies but can’t nail it.
Here are 3 pics, suggestions. I also experimented growing natural, in the ground and with less light they grew bigger and no problems at all.
Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated

My first thoughts looking at the picture Soils to hot even the new growth on top of the plant tips of the leaves are burnt. Good luck


I agree with @kellydans , canoe leaves, clawing, and burnt tips all looks like over fertilization.

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All the dead leaves on top of soil doesn’t help much either


Also, bottled water is usually not in the proper PH range for happy, healthy cannabis plants.

I would recommend a flush but in that size container, you gonna need lots of properly PHed water.

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not bottled water just the containers, and our water is pure well water, pretty neutral, but grow before was perfect, nothing changed, I was thinking iron, manganese or something

Nope. That is nute burn. No idea what changed. But ill bet if you check the ppms they are off the charts


yeah, just trying to grow here without getting too technical and many things here are not readily available, just trying as natural as possible, appreciate taking a look

Understandable. As stated. A good flush would be the first ‘active’ problem solving id do. But not before getting a good ph and ppm of ur runoffs.