Hey everyone.. I'm Queensly new grow just starting

I’m starting out wit this soil called great lakes just water soil its has a lot of stuff in it imma try to put a pic. But any who my babies just went into soil after 24 hr soak… i made sure my water ph was 6.5 . N i have them under veg light i did that for 3 n one i just put in soil with water so I can see the difference. Now I was told I shouldn’t have to put any more in my soil but I do have sum gai green on stand by. Oh yea n I chlorine in water as well. Now am I missing anything. Cause my new seed should b here shortly as well…


High There, looks like there some good stuff in you’re soil! You should be able to grow some good weed! Welcome to the forum lots of great pictures and people who can really help you along the way :sunglasses:

Thanks hun so wen would i need to put gai green 444 in or i won’t need it.

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Nice soil.

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@Queensly welcome to ILGM , your soil looks like good stuff . How pricey is it

Actually pretty great price like 15-25 bucks

I’m not really sure , I only grow outside right now, I would wait a few days until they get up before I put anything on them, I usually wait until they get 4 leaves, then I start using Fox Farms Grow Big, here is one of my plant’s

Ok so should I leave my light on 24 or 18

Are your seeds autos or photos? That’s what your light depends on.

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Some people like to 24 for the first couple weeks then 18/6 personally I start them on 18/6 and up it at about week 2-3 to 20/4

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Well they should b autos. I got these seed from flower i got from dispensary super skunk hero. N this my very first grow.

Well this my first grow n they still seed fresh in soil after germ

I have seen posts about using this soil. You may want to use search (upper right below FORUM) and type in Great Lakes Water. You can reach out to the users by using the @ before their name. If I wanted to contact you directly, I would @Queensly for example. Hopefully they can give you some insights specific to using this mix.


If their autos they’ll flower on their own and changing lights doesn’t matter. So 18/6 or 20/4 are good for autos, and that stays constant even when in flower. But for photos, that’s different. You wanna end up with 12/12 for photos. Not only to get to flower, but the is produced in the dark from what I’ve read up. So the photos produce better in the dark. I guess autos are the opposite.

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After seeing how well gai green works for Mr canucks grows, with i could find it in the lower 48, but haven’t been successful with that. Good luck, welcome to a wonderful group of gardeners

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I know right it’s so aggravating but it did teach me how to make my own blends

Yea i watch Mr canuck to but :us: has different soil n stuff n the stuff he use is Canadian.

Ok great I hoping everything turn out right. Im just new n excited :grin:. N i just kno i might need to put more food (gai green) at least once or twice

I got a update day 3 n I got one out of 3 sprout look the first baby. I might b to excited.

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fin water again second water