Hermi's & nanners, What Do You Know bout it?

Im starting this topic in hopes of collecting knowledge, facts, pictures and experience for myself and others who have the issue of the topic.

This thread is mainly meant for newbies and those who have grown for a while like me, and then get shocked at first site, having trouble easily gathering info to get the quickest reaction that fits individual set ups and capabilities.

Lets attempt to keep this thread lean and to the point.

I love Mary Jane!

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These are my nanners, they’re there all right. Two plants out of 12. Strain that hermi’d is Fruity-Pebbles and it could have been two reasons:

1 humidity. Ive opened my grow closet a few several in morning and noticed %80 rh. Got the rh under control in 60’s range except rainy days. Have had a wind tunnel in there and no signs of mold… yet. I look er’day.

2 i broke a branch and didnt know it. Broke it bad and the branch heald, bud looks great. All the branch nodes directly above and below have nanners, no other branches.

These two hermies are still frosty and really sticky. Hermi happened in last two 1/2 weeks of flower so i got lucky. I am flushing earlier than I wanted,but only by a week, trichs are broken glass to skim milk. Flushed today and as soon as they’re dry ill approach the mound and put them in the dark.


What about light leaks… ?
It only takes a pin hole… :+1::wink::grin:

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I have a few nanner pics I can share.


Well if a light leak can cause a plant to hermie, then how do you explain having a tent door wide open and the door to the room wide open. I have never had a problem at all and I have been growing like this for 2 years. We gets lot of sun each day. :+1::+1::+1:

Two of twelve, the two being the same strain, only ones to nanner. May have been weak genetics coupled with high rh.

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Your an anomaly than …
Or your growing auto’s…
I know that if I have light leaks when growing photo’s , the plants that get hit by those little pin holes of light will throw nanners…
Sometimes it’s just weak genetics…
But I’ve never had a plant throw nanners from stress I don’t believe , even tho I hear that alot… :thinking:


I’m just lucky is all. I have only grown two Autos and they are my Lemon Haze and Blueberry Kush which is this grow cycle.

I deal with high heat. High humidity…tent door wide open. Door to room wide open. There are little pin hole light leaks but mainly around the zipper.

The above photo is my Lemon Haze Auto.

This was one of my little plants at near 7’6” which grew out of my tent it was so massive. I had to trim over 6” from the dirt to where my hand is at. I had to cut her top off just to get her out of the tent.

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