Hermie? I hope not

Hey all! Getting close to end of first grow and noticed one girls pistols started fading in color and started seeing these little bright green pods appearing in groups. Sorry for the crappy pics but they’re tiny. I’m afraid they’re pollen pods. Haven’t found any nanners yet.

The one with best angle looks like a pistil is sticking out of. That’s not a nanner, but it may have been pollinated and thus producing a seed.

I found a couple like that. Don’t know how it got pollinated. The three girls left are all girls

@dbrn32 should I yank her?

It might’ve produced nanners in the past and pollinated itself.

I’m not saying they for sure did, but its possible

Damn. I didn’t catch it either. I check them everyday. :expressionless:

That’s what it looks like to me as well

If it did, the worst is over. Just keep an eye out for anymore. I definitely wouldn’t pull it though.

Ok. I’m just worried about the other two girls. I don’t see anything on them. I pulled this one from the tent anyway

From everything that I have found about nanners they do not pollenate other plants, just the plant that they grow in. Also they can grow and not be seen, and by the time you can see the nanners they have already pollenated the bud that they are growing in not the entire plant.

As a side note one article I read stated that nanners are a way to naturally create fem seeds. But it was only one article that I read that part.