Hermie Help!

Ok, so I have three plants. One month into flowering. Looking closely at one of the plants, we noticed these little things that look like they could be seeds. Theyre small and off white. When I touch them, they fall off easily and when broken seem to be powdery. Ill see if I can post a pic. Anyways, Im pretty sure its a hermaphrodite and Im assuming those sacs are white and dry because they have exploded? Now, we have been looking at our plants everyday and didnt notice this untill now. My question is, being a month into flowering, how can I tell if my plants have been pollinated? Im hoping they are too mature to pollenate or even better, those little white things are not polen sacs! Any help is appreciated :slight_smile:

You are describing pollen sacks. Now you will find some seeds here and there. Not much you can do except watch and try to remove any new pollen sacks before they open. Good Luck :slight_smile: