Helping a Gromie

This is a fellow grower that has some issues. Told him I would check with the expert growers here on ILGM.
He is growing Bruce Banner in a 2x2 HydroMars kit tent. He has not given any Calmag at all. Is growing in FFOB and started giving them FF big bloom nutrients when flower stage started.
Any help for his first grow will be much appreciated.
Thank you growers.

Is there a reason he hasn’t given it any CalMag?

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The brown spots look like calcium deficiency to me, but I could be wrong. I would wait for a few more replies see what others think.


First time Auto grower and thought you do not feed anything until after 4 weeks.

@JimHigh Is he in fox farm ocean forest ? If so probably don’t have to feed for 4-5 week maybe more with a small auto

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Yes @Dave101 he is

@JimHigh When did he start to see what looks like a calcium deficiency ?

Has he check runoff ph to confirm this is not a lockout?

If ph is in range and it’s not a lockout you can probably do calmag every watering

If ph is out of range time to flush

Tips of the leaves are burned which usually indicates nutrient burn, also some dark green leaves.

@JimHigh How big is the pot? The bigger the pot and the more soil there is, the longer you CAN go before feeding. Doesn’t mean you can’t feed to help push things along.

It looks like a cal-mag problem, or a pH issue. Does he/she know what the pH of the water is? What kind of water is being used?

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Tell him any time he waters a plant under leds, photo or auto, that he should add calmag to the water. Also advise him that calmag should be the first thing he adds when he feeds too. Calmag then nutes. It’s usually 5ml (1 tsp) per gallon of water.

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@Growlow @Landshark @Dave101 @CMichGrower
Thank you for settling down a first time grower. We are in Illinois so garden shops have wisely undertaken marijuana grow sales.
This afternoon my Gromie showed the plant to our local garden shop, and those plants were in dire need of CalMag.
Thank you all for calming the nerves. At first he thought the plants were doomed. The day ends much better for him.
Thank you all again, and I look forward to showing my current grow of Tangerine, and MaxiGoms to all of you in the next couple weeks.
You ILGM experts are the best.