Help with soil management when doing seed-harvest in the same pot

Hey guys, in trying to idiot-proof my first grow as much as possible, I opted to germinate right in my 5 gallon cloth pot with no planned transplanting. So far so good, having seen the little guy (gal actually) pop up 48 hours later. My problem is in managing soil moisture, I have this dinky little seedling in a 5 gallon pot full of soil, i try and spray the surrounding area lightly but it seems that small amount of water dissepates into the surrounding soil. Should i water the whole 5 gallon pot as if there were a big plant in it? I don’t want unused water getting stagnant or just creating a soggy bottom layer, any words of advice would be greatly appreciated! The soil is an organic mix something close to 6:1:1 bought from my local Tractor Supply store. Photo is more just for fun haha, but there she is anyway!

Btw- it’s an indoor grow, in a 24x24x48 tent with a 300W LED (136 actual) the tent is in a basement with a natural environment around 60% humidity and 70 degrees.


No. If you do that to a seedling, you risk damping off (root rot). Spritz the seedling and soil, then pop a dome (vented)over your baby. Right now, the roots need a damp grow medium so they don’t dry out, but otherwise, the roots are not drinking/eating until they’re farther developed. The leaves are drinking everything in, though. Remove the dome a couple times of day, for just a few minutes, to give your baby a breath of fresh air.

After you get a couple sets of leaves, go ahead & remove the dome, then start watering the grow medium in earnest. Start with a small amount of pH’d water, 1/8 cup-1/4 cup, in a circle around the seedling. This will encourage the roots to branch out & seek water. If you water directly at the plant’s base, the roots have no reason to spread out in search of moisture.