Help with soil indoors for California dream

So im wondering, whats the best soil to use indoors ,growing California dream from ilgm, an Bergman’s nutrients &feeding schedule?

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I am happy with FFOF and just got some HF to try. Well aware of potential low PH issues.


I got 10 seeds, 5 gal pots , 4 -600watt mh for veg. I can control, temps an humidity an i have large intakes an exhaust in a 12x15 room with 5ml mylar covering walls, floor,an ceiling. Cooled reflectors on its own separate fan exhausting out of the room. Just giving my set up rundown, incase any 1 has any tips, this is my 15th looking for tips on this strain, an soil used for this strain with bergmans nutrients an feeding schedule, trying something new. Lol

Thats what i ususlly use ffof. Its little hot tho, all i been reeding says with Calif dream nit to use soil with excess nutes in it🤷‍♂️

You might wanna try doing a coco coir grow for them


Like @Medicineman33 said, coco coir is great. It takes a little work to keep the plants fed, as plants have to be watered every (other) day in it. Or you could get an autopot/selfwatering system. But hands down faster, more vigorous growth than soil. I still like growing in soil, too.

For soil I’ve turned from FF Ocen Forest. It’s good, just really hot and burns all seedlings I start in it. I use Roots Organics 707. Has a little coco coir for better drainage, lots of perlite, and is amended with about 10x less nutes than FFOF. Only thing with it, being organic, you gotta fight fungus gnats.

Hope this helps. Good luck and happy growing!!!


So for the California dream strsin i was gonna mix hf an ffof an a little bit of Michigan mix m3 i just got, never used before, but tge strain says nit ti use a heavy organic soil with guano etc. I also git wedding cake strain too. Was maybe gonna the Michigan mix with those? Or maybe mix perlite, ffof an ffhf an the Michigan mix m3 all together?, idk im stumped.