Help with sizing a driver for these led boards

Was looking into building supplemental light strips similar to a hlg saber,looking to build two strips that would take two of these panels each what driver would I need for two of these panels on one heatsink/ or four of these on one driver

@dbrn32 is the best person to answer this one.

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Yeah I tried to tag him but I couldn’t quite figure that out do you just type it in like you had it in the bar above and then it sends the request to him

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1800ma is maximum current, how hot do you want to run them?

Also, you would probably need different driver whether its 2 or 4 units.

I’m setting up a 4x4 tent with two 300 L’S I would like it to run as supplemental lighting with those spread those out a little and put one of these in front and back of them with a UVA in the middle

Says one of them is 48 w so two will be almost a 100 seems like decent supplemental lighting? One in front and one in back so that would be 200 Watts all together

That is not really how it works. In order to consume 48 watts the operating current would have to be about 2000ma. But they have 1800ma listed as maximum, so 2000ma would be more current than they are rated for.

If you want driver that large i can look for part number. But they may or may not last very long, and that will lower efficiency of leds quite a bit. Most don’t run leds at full current, I certainly don’t. I would suggest maybe 700ma or 1050ma. Would make them either 17 or 24 watt modules.

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Okay thanks looks like it’s more hassle than it’s worth I’ll have to buy something prebuilt

Its not really any more difficult. You just have to be careful not to overpower the leds.