HLG 260XL + 320XL R-Spec in 4x4


Quick question. Aside from a little bit of a difference in coverage (three Qb288’s vs two) there won’t be any other effect from using a 260XL + 320XL in a 4x4. Vs. using two 260XL’s?

Got a 320XL kit + driver for the same price as a 260XL kit + driver.

I figure at worse I can match wattage with the dimmer and only install two boards if needed (and have a spare if needed,) since they use the same heat sink but I’d rather just run them both with all five boards.

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I think you did good, as you can run all of them and turn them down: hitting peak efficacy of the diodes. Running more lights at a lower setting should save a bit on your electric bill.


Sweet, thanks for the quick reply!

Maybe see about getting like a 600w meanwell driver and run all 4 boards on one driver outside ur tent. If possible which i believe should be maybe the 480w.

Hey Mark, appreciate the thought! I’m good on drivers though, I have a driver for each set (will just take two plugs.) Just wondering about spacing and coverage since I’m running an uneven amount of boards (3 on one side, and 2 on the the other side.)

The PPFD charts aren’t too dissimilar between the two, so I think it’ll be ok. Just wondered if anyone had done it before :slight_smile:

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