Help with reading ec meter

My ec meter gives me a 4 digit # (example: 0235). How does this number correspond to the ec number I am striving for (example: 1.0)?

sounds more like a ppm meter

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It does both, has a button to switch between functions of TDS in ppm and Conductivity in some wierd symbol in mill somethings per millamole or some craziness. Anyway, I can use the TDS, oretty straight forward, but I am confused in reading the ec.

ppm is just as effective as EC and simpler to work with for most more precise


Good information. THANKS!

TDS meters actually use EC to calculate PPM’s. Problem is, not every TDS meter uses the same calculation.

Here is a chart to help convert if you need it. There are many out there.


Agreed, too high for EC, sounds like PPM unit of measure to me as well.

@Dank Sounds like your EC meter reads in microsiemens [µS]. EC recommendations are given in terms of milisiemans [mS]. A microsiemen is 1000x smaller than a milisiemen. Therefore, 2200 [µS] = 2.2 [mS].

In other words, just move the decimal three places to the left. Since your meter is 4 digits, this means you can simply pretend there is a decimal point after the first number. :nerd:


@GrowManFitz, so if my ec meter reads 0235, that would be an ec of 0.235?

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Assuming your meter reads in terms of microsiemens, that would be correct. Is there a little symbol after the reading that looks like [µS]?


Yes, it does.

I’ll post a pic of my meter later. Mine also reads in terms of microsiemens [µS].

Then yes 0235 would be an EC of 0.235.

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That is very yelpful! Thanks @GrowManFitz!

@Dank No problem! I had the same question when I first got my meter. Now you’ll be able to help someone else. That’s what makes this forum great!


Hi there, just starting out with the meter also, very helpful. Hoping I’ve got it right now