Help with my little babies

Want stay alive whats wrong

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Good Friday morning @Lnnicholas need more information! How much are you watering seedlings don’t need to be watered they just need a few sprays from a spray bottle.
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Two question, please.

Are you feeding fertilizers?

What soil are you using?

No fertilizer, soil is some seedling dirt mixed with top soil and some black cow and I have tried all 3 buy them selves same results just water till they start dying then I try everything

I’ve seen them die dry and wet with 2 or 3 sprays 2 or3 times a day

Have u checked ph of ur water

I’ve been using distilled water water pH should be around what 6-7

Its best to always check it no matter what

It looks fried, so either light burn, or nutrient burn in my opinion. Maybe soils to hot.

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Im with @Dexterado looks burnt soil could be to hot

So far I think your answer is correct . My hps were two low and drying dirt and burning plants and took off high luminous raised light to 2 feet let’s see if that’s it


My personal 2 cents is that seedlings do not require much light at all. Below is a photo of my germination/cloning box. I use an 18W blue spectrum CFL for the first 2-3 weeks from when they break the top of the soil. There is no benefit of using anything stronger and it can often lead to issues like you are experiencing. You are also paying for much more electricity than you need. The high-powered LED and HPS often reduce the humidity wicking moisture off the leaves, drying the plant out. The soil could still be wet but the air could be very dry around the leaves. Less is often better in early veg.

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