Support ticketed - thanks bob

@McLovin777 could you post a support ticket please? Sure would help!

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Is there any nutrients in the soil and is the soil Dry or overly damp…? one of those three things is your culprit…
Also I’m not sure but I believe you use LEDs… if your LEDs are closer than two foot I would say that’s a possibility also but not really leaning towards that… I would go with the first three that I’ve mentioned above… :wink:

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Not that I know of… although I did feed um a little grow big as it said you could do so at seedling stage on the chart someone sent me… and then I’m told it’s not ideal for seedlings and bla bla
Anyways, 2 are right as rain it seems… so I’m doubting it being nutes as they all get a share proportioned to how big they are, water pH is 6.5 and I’ve been watering once a day when the lights are coming on so they don’t dry out crazily.
One seems like shes curling up! But it’s strange… Doesn’t look over watered… and I can’t imagine I’ve been under watering.
How much would you give a plant that big? And how often?
Temps have stayed 70-78 F lights on, 65-70 ligjts off

I’m ashamed to say I never learnt how to get the template

look in the upper right corner see the magnifier. click on it and type in support ticket Click on the 5th topic and copy and paste it from that topic into a new one on yours.

sorry, doing too many things at once. Are you able to do that? If not I can copy paste it to my post here for ya? Let me know, bud

and don’t be ashamed. it’s not that big of a deal.

It’s cool il find it.
Only kidding about the ashamed to say… just adds effect to your words, makes um more of an interesting read I think.
No prob dude, thanks for your help this far.

Answer these simple questions the best you can. Ok sure thing ilgm support Jedi.

Strain; Type, Bag seed, or NA - special queen 1 (RQS)

Soil in pots, Hydroponic, or Coco? Light mix soil

System type? Just watering by hand PH 6.5

PH of runoff or solution in reservoir? Haven’t had a runoff to check yet

What is strength of nutrient mix? EC, or TDS - PPM was at 300 after up downing it for 10 mins to get to 6.5

Indoor or Outdoor - indoor

Light system, size? 380ish actual watt LED

Temps; Day, Night 65 - 78 max between day and night
Humidity; Day, Night 40 - 60 ranges

Ventilation system; Yes, No, Size currently just a 6inch fan to move air around and tent is left part open

AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier,
Neither right now but have a de humid and will be getting an AC

Co2; Yes, No nope

@McLovin777 see that now you’re a danged guru!

Misting of the plants with a spray bottle every 3-4 hours to dampen the leaves. A couple sprays to dampen the soil as well. Don’t dump water on them or it will be too much

Is their nutrients in that soil (i’m not familiar with it)?

How far away is your 380 watt LED?

ph looks good. temps look good High 70’s daytime and high 60’s night time. and RH could be higher like 80% RH. Can you dome them or something?

ventilation is fine too

This is gonna sound silly, but is there drainage in the styrofoam thingy the seedlings are in?


As I can tell from his response @McLovin777 is a lot like me …which is a lil funny… your soil could be to hot… if its not and you were using rockwool or some other sort of medium I might suggest something else but in a Seedling soil you would want the soil to be kind of moist and just on the outer edges to get the roots to search for the water … it’s a different animal for every form of media that’s why sometimes people try to adapt certain Grow methods to a certain media and they can’t understand why nothing is working … you must understand that some media react differently to the way that you treat them and of course your plants are living in that and trying to understand and absorb as much as they can through whatever you are providing them and the means and which you do so … if that makes any sense :wink:…Either way look for the first three culprits that I mentioned other than that if the soil isn’t too hot then I would say you’re either over-watering or under watering and if I had to take a guess I would say you might be under watering honestly which is rare …but I do it all the time …I think I just killed 4 plants that I just started so I’m pretty angry… lol :wink:

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Light is 42 inches away from the soil
I shall dome um right now bro, I was worried of “im a chargin my lasssssssserrr” - magnified laser burns tbh
I’ve been dumping water using a 10CL (100ml) syringe so far, and they seem to be doing ok! I mean, considering they had the worst possible start to life… haha
I will try to get that humidity to 70-80% as its rarely up there anymore.
Also - we got x2 vortex 6inch fans on the way, so that should cover us for the air circulation til the ladies are at a smelly stage :slight_smile:

Not at all! there actually isn’t… and I read about the guy with the American flag looking dixy type cups, who didn’t have holes in his… I was hoping to not have to put holes in it as they will be in bubblers (hopefully today!!!) just gotta set this horrible looking thing up.
It actually looks kick ass, but the task of setting it up with no instructions! (little company made thing)

Hey bro… never give up on them, I am utterly astonished mine aren’t all dead - they where dried to a crisp on that flaming heat mat (I will enjoy slowly melting it with a blow torch…)
Makes total sense - I think it could be under watering… maybe… I did keep thinking I should water 75% the amount I thought was right, seeing as 99% of new growers mess up by over loving their plants.
Going to have a go setting this SDWC system up… wish me luck.

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How long have they been in the Styrofoam thing?
It could be the nutrients, remember all plants are different and all are affected differently.

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Aye just realised that the Styrofoam does have holes! so no worries there.
I’m thinking of making a little reservoir for them, so the roots are trying to fill the pots. (will transplant to 1L then 5L fabric pots later)
The soil has next to no nutrients, its the lightest, least nutritional soil I could find - so doubtable that its the soils doing.
Like I said the BIG BLOOM may have had an effect… but if they are all the same strain, why would some react badly and some thrive… confusing really.

All plants are different, even though they are the same strain. Just like people aren’t all the same. If that helps

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Ahh ok I see, fair play - cheers bro. one of the leaves is going off at a random angle… its quite cool - il upload a pic in a min

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Whatever you want maddam…

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