Help with brown spotting

I’m hoping someone can help me determine what’s up with my plants. I’m growing White Widow Autoflower in a tent. Mine are about 4 weeks from harvest I think. I’m growing in 50/50 homemade compost/miracle grow potting soil. I supplemented the soil with lime, epsom salts, and some organic tomato fertilizer. I may have two separate issues. The first is the brown spotting on the upper leaves that has started since flowering. You can see this in the bottom center of my picture. The reddish-brown tint to the leaves came second. I’ve been going on the assumption that it’s cal/mag deficiency. But I’m not convinced that what it is. Thanks!

Nute burn, P def (probably from PH lockout)

What is your runoff PH and TDS?

Plants are at about week 3 of flower so have 5 to 8 weeks left.


A picture without your grow lights on but your flash on will go along way to being able to properly identify your plants issues as well. This is a good practice to follow going forward

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The runoff PH is 7.0. I know that’s a little high and I’ve been trying to lower it. Is that high enough to cause lockout?

I’ve never measured TDS. I’ll have to do more research there…yikes.

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Entirely possible that 7.0 could cause issues.

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