Help! White curling leaves

This is wedding cake autoflower planted Dec 1st. Coca coir perlite mix. No nutes till last night. From what I understand white tips is nutrient burn but it hadn’t had any. So I gave her some last night thinking it might help. Any ideas on what is causing this!

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It may be some burn if the white tips are slight in color. Pictures would be helpful :+1:

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I posted pics I hadn’t given it any nutrients when this started happening

It’s probably nute burn. From the first dose. Did you use the right medium feeding chart?


What kind of soil are you using :thinking:

Never mind I see Coco and perlite.

Coca coir perlite mix this is the second time I’ve used it though so maybe it had left over nutrients from my last grow. Maybe flush her out ?


Yeah,Coco shouldn’t have any nutrients in it. You may need to take a runoff reading. Hard to tell with grow light, but your leaves have a dark green appearance. Which would indicate high nitrogen levels.

If you have a TDS meter take a runoff reading and see what you get. :+1: