Help! What are the leaves saying on my Northern light auto?

I think they are hungry not locked out. What AN nutrients are you using? I don’t think 350ppm is enough. But other might have a different opinion. I forgot you grow in Coco. I don’t have alot of experience with it. But it does lack natural nutes like a FF soil. I would get it up to around at least 500ppm if it was me. You tagged the right people though so wait to see what they say as well. I do know the 5.8ph is perfect for Coco.

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@GFDuke im using canna nutrients, ive got most of the canna nutrient range, probs not cheapest but was all i knew in beginning.

(Late edit missed the question)

No, they were my water in PPMs, although i had flushed my coco previously so 350ppm would of been the run off also :slight_smile:

I’d pick up the nutrients. Seems to me 350 is low. I like to see around 500 -700 at this point. They honestly don’t look bad. But, I’d like to see them greener so thats why i said higher ppms to try and get more nitrogen in them. Just a couple of leaves look burned. Possibly from splash from watering?

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I think getting more nitrogen into the plants is what you need to do. leaves yellowing.

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