Help! What are the leaves saying on my Northern light auto?

looking great @HazeyUK congrats on bringing those babies back!


Lots of white pistils and they still have their fattening up to do. You still have a few weeks to go.

They do look good!


Phewww, i was getting nervous it was dying before maturing! What should i be looking out for at this of flower?

Runoff pH and PPM. Autos are more sensitive to nutes, so don’t go too high. They may be yellowing a bit because they are hungry. It doesn’t necessary mean they need fed more. Check your runoff pH and PPM and post those and we’ll go from there.

Some of the leaves have plenty of green, so we should get a good auto person in here too. Search on autos to find one.

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Seriously amazing job getting those girls to produce. I might stop pulling my runts and just let them run the full course from now on.
Happy growing!


I agree with @MidwestGuy. It looks like your ph is off. It’s most likely low and you have a Magnesium and calcium lock out. Water to run-off and give us some numbers. Your ppm’s could be off but i don’t think so. Burned leaves tips are usually the common symptom of that. You have some burned leaf tips but they’re not that bad.

you can always harvest the plant a piece by piece.

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Okay, Just watered till run off,
IN -590ppm 5.82ph
OUT - 850ppm 5.60ph

Ive never had run off ph decrease and ppms rise!
What do you all think?

Don’t know about PPMs, but it’s common to have runoff pH < pH in when you have salt buildup in your pot. It’s part of the reason people do mid-grow flushes - to keep pH in check.

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Same problem I’m having bro. I tried to fix it naturally over the course of the last couple weeks making no progress. Tonight I’m going to flush with FloraKleen and then top dress before running another gal of ph’d water.

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Going into the 13th week now, im still not sure if im done with my nutes/ (time to flush? Check pics please)

I’ve had to flush anyway the last two nights due to abit of burn on my leaves. Pots are 15L and ive given 8L yesterday with run off ppm at 750ppm and another 8L tonight runoff at 415ppm.

Heres some pics, let me know what you think!


id start the flush

Heres some more pics from lights on, feel like they look more developed with camera a flash compared to my LEDs… cant be sure so wanted to upload these for you to see, there is a few white hairs about…

If it is time to flush how should i do it? I have canna canazym to breakdown roots for extra sugar and canna boost for a metabolism increase, apparently both good to use during a flush. How long do i flush? When do i know im done?

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Looks like lockout to me. Flush with straight ph’d 6.5 ph water. Twice the size of your pot. 5 gal pot? Run 10 gals of water. Your ph is way to low. Sorry i just got here to read this. If you have a questions for me tag me in the post so i see it.

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Cheers @GFDuke i appreciate it, im in coco, 15L pots.

I flushed with straight water (at 5.8ph) twice about a week ago and let it go bone dry, my plant had lots of white hairs as shown in the pics above so i gave it 2 waterings with some more nutes at 600ppm as it was yellowing it leaves abit early, now the buds look much more mature and i presume id be ready for a flush.

Ill upload some pictures when lights are back on.

I do have a question for you about some new ones ive got going though. Can’t tell if they are hungry or locked out, they are about 4 weeks old, smaller than the rest and old growths yellowing up to a pale white, yesterdays watering was 350ppm of A and B and doesn’t seem to help even though i had flushed any buildup and was bang on 5.8ph in coco. What do you think? Ill have the pics tomorrow.

I’ll wait to see the pictures before i comment. Are those numbers runoff?

I’m new so just a quick question did you do any lst to your plants?

All the time. It’s a good way to turn them into bushes instead of tall lanky plants.

@GFDuke heres my first crop, 13 week old Northen lights auto, ready for flush now as white pistols have changed like @MidwestGuy said :slight_smile:

Had great help from @Myfriendis410 @Preybird1 @Watt-Sun @jwood early on, wanted to tag you all as i wouldn’t have the plant i have now without your advice!

Now about my smaller plants, same tent so cant do much about humidity (its about 50%)
Heres pics from 1 week ago of the little ones that keep yellowing ect.

I flushed at 5.8 and then fed them 350ppm a and b nutes, a week after the first picture this is what they now look like;

Whats eveyones verdict on them? What shall i feed them next, i cant tell if hungry or locked out?


Extra pic of Northern Lights auto out the tent

Extra pic of some small more ones, same age, that seem to be much better, not perfect through still hence the uploads;