HELP: Super Soil Question…

Hey guys! So I made a “super soil” this weekend.

2.8 cubic feet of Promax HP
1.5 cubic feet of Ocean Forest
Clay Pellets & Pearlite 5% each
Earthworm Castings 10%

The whole mix is 46 gallons of soil or about 6 cubic feet.

Then I added the following down to earth amendments based on 46 gallons.

Bat Guano
Kelp meal
Crab Meal
Fish bone meal
Humeri’s Acid
Vegetable Garden
Bio live

I mixed it all together in a giant rubber maid and put the lid on.

Do I need to wet the soil now? If so, how much? Do I mix it after? And how long do I leave it before I can use it?

I researched so much about the recipie… but not about what to do after it’s all mixed. Any help would be greatly appreciated! .


Yes wet your soil, then let it set a week or so and put 1/3 of your supersoil in the bottom of the pot and fill the rest up with normal potting soil.

Whatever ya do don’t start ur seeds in supersoil and never fill up the whole pot with it unless you know the TDS.

Good luck

Def a good idea to let the mix marry together in pots or whatever it is your housing youre plants with. If u treat it like theres a plant in it for a week or even better 2. it will allow the soil settle and get back into optimum performance.

I was going to let it “cook” for a few weeks. Not putting anything into it till next month.

I meant should I wet it while it’s “cooking” in the bucket for the month.

Yes, youd want to treat it as if theres a decent sized plant in it.

Got it. Thank you!

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