Help & suggestions on using my general mm9 moisture meter? Early dry

Hello once more. Was recommended using the general mm9 moisture meter, I think from here but can’t remember (go figure :grinning:)

Anyway I’m currently 3 days into drying and decided to open the package and check this thing out?

What settings should I use and of course what numbers am I looking for.

Stick probes into stems? Buds? Any and all help always welcomed and much appreciated

Thanks again

Stick it in bud, 12%, wood setting


Like @Sammys said.


Hard or soft setting ? Then start curing ?

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Hmm, not sure. Try soft and hard and tell me the difference that it reads. I would try hard.

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I stick the prongs in the stem near the bud. Getting a decent reading from a bud doesn’t work for me.
If the bud feels dry and the stem still bends (moisture 16%?+_) I put them in a tote to finish drying

I leave some stem to hold onto while finish trimming. Ready to be cured.

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Ok so around 16% you put in tote, do you close the lid? What’s your process after putting in tote? Thank you

Yes I close the lid. The moisture is low enough and I feel safe doing it. The exterior of the buds feel dry to the touch but there is still moisture in the stems and inside the buds. The time in the tote allows the remaining moisture to be distributed into the flower and extends the drying time a couple of days. The 16% is my recall from a faulty memory but should be close.
Besides totes, other use paper bags. The goal is the same… slow down the process.