Help please on diagnosis of yellow brown burnt leaves please?

Hey guys can anyone help me work out whether this is a ph problem, nitrogen or potassium deficiency? Never had this one before… the tap water here is chlorinated/fluoride?? Cheers

At first glance, I’d say your soil is too hot, or they have been over fed.

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Thanks for your reply… I haven’t started using any hydro nutrients only Charlie carp twice. Before that, the leaves weren’t yellow etc but they were curling upwards?

What kind of soil are they in?

Coco peat with a little bit of mushroom potassium and blood and bone.

The others I have defoliated a little bit but don’t seem to be as bad as the other?

I would try and get some runoff numbers to see where she’s at

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Ph wise?

Sorry yeah that and your ppms nutrient wise as well

What’s the best way to do that?

For pH use a water meter if able get one of the Apera and then a tds meter can get both at Amazon that will help you in seeing where she’s at pH wise and feed

Cheers mate appreciate your help

No problem any questions I’ll help the best I can and if I can’t there’s plenty of great cultivators on this site that will help

I would second that. Anytime i have something go on that’s the first page of more i turn to. Learned that from these guys on here. I try to keep my runoff ppm around 1000 and ph around 6.5. I’m in ffof soil tho. Hope that helps