Help Please, leaf discloration and edges curling up

I opened this ticket to ask for help with two problems: the Amnesia Haze has leaf discloration and the LSD’s leaf edges are curling up. In writing the ticket I believe I have over fertilized the Amnesia Haze; I don’t believe I should have fertilized on 10/12. I appreciate your help and guidance.

Strain: Two Strains: Amnesia Haza Auto and LSD Auto

Soil: In Happy Frog Soil in 3 gallon fabric pots

System Type? Hand Water with Ph adjusted, de-cholorinated tap water (PPM 320)

Ph Of Runoff:
Amnesia Haze: Water In: Ph 6.8 PPM 321 - Runoff: Ph 6.6 PPM 1380
LSD: Water In: Ph 6.7 PPM 327 - Runoff: Ph 6.7 PPM 1230

What Is Strength Of Nutrient Mix?
10/08: Flushed Amnesia Haze then: Amnesia Haze 3/4 tsp ILGM Flowertime & 1/4 tsp ILGM Growtime). LSD received 1/2 tsp IGLM Flowertime. Runoff: Amnesia Haze PPM 660; LSD PPM 1260

10/10: Amnesia Haze received 1/2 tsp (50%) ILGM Flowertime; LSD just watered.
Amnesia Haze PPM 1250; LSD PPM 12130

10/12: Both plants received 3/4 tsp (75%) ILGM Flowertime. Amnesia Haze PPM 1400 & LSD PPM 1800

10/14: Both Plants just watered. Amensia Haze PPM 1230 & LSD PPM 1380

Indoor Or Outdoor: Indoor in a 2 x 4 tent

Light System, Size? LED - MARS SP3000 LED (300W). The light is at the top of the tent; the Amnesia Haze is 23 inches tall and 18 inches from the light. Per MARS, the light should be 18 inches from canopy. The LSD is raised on a book to be the same height as the Amnesia Haze and 18 inches from the light. The light is on 100%

Temps: 70 - 81 degrees

Humidity 40 - 52%

Ventilation System; Yes, 4 inch exhaust fan with filter; plus one small tent pole fan and one small fan on floor in front of a vent.

Ac, Humidifier, De-humidifier: NO

Co2: NO

Both plants broke soil on September 1st; this is starting week 7 - Day 45. On the Amnesia Haze I noticed the leaves look a little lighter in color with some discloration of the leaves. On the LSD the edges of the upper leaves are turning up.



Amnesia Haze

Amnesia Haze

Amnesia Haze

The leaf curl is probably a combination of low humidity and heat. The leaves lose water from the surface faster than the bottom and thus start to curl. Raise the light and they should be fine.
I have plants that are the same strain and different in color. Sometimes they are just lighter green than others. I don’t see any real deficiencies.

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I’m a new grower myself, and my Wedding Cake is starting to to the same and I think it’s bc I’m feeding her too much. I’ve had her in the same growing conditions and keeping her the proper distances away from my light (which is a Blurple so it’s not even that bright for them) and the only thing I’ve changed is trying to push her in nutrient uptake and I’m noticing my leaves doing that all over. Probably just going to skip a feeding and see if it’s still progressing or not and if it is, then I might have a problem.

Heat was my thought, too. May not even be actually hot in there but her leaf surface temps are high enough to make her unhappy. Not a huge problem, and easily fixed just like spiney said.

Agreed here, too. Little hints here and there but more than anything it really looks like they are just getting their fall colors/natural senescence.

Those PPMs aren’t high enough that I’m even remotely worried. 1200-1500 is a great runoff range in soil.

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Thanks; I increased the distance from the light for the LSD. Seemed to help some; hopefully it continues to improve.

Thanks for the advice; are your plants improving? The Amnesia Haze looks a little worse. I am getting Fox Farms Sledgehammer to rinse the soil. Will post an update.

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Thanks, this is my first grow . Do plants often change color as the flower? Do they lose a number of leaves as they mature?

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Yep! It’s called senescence- just like leaves turn yellow, orange, red, etc during the fall, so too do cannabis leaves.

Also yes, to an extent. Lowest growth will usually go first, due to lack of light exposure below the canopy. It’s not uncommon to lose leaves as far up as about halfway just due to poor light penetration alone. Of course it’s not ideal but it’s also a reality often times.


Unfortunately the tips will never revert back to their original green healthy look but there at least hasn’t been any progression in the discoloration. I’m soooo close to having actual buds and I can’t wait. This is my first time into flower and the suspense is killing me.