Ticket-Gold leaf Amnesia haze

I’m a first time grow and I’m using MG potting soil with moisture control. unfortunately I got in a rush and didn’t do enough research on my choice of soil. It’s a 21-11-16 mix and has time release ( huge mistake I know) I’m growing amnesia haze and gold leaf. My plants have been growing very well until now. They’re still getting taller but showing signs of problems. I’m at week 9 from seed and my AH is showing some wrinkles in a few fan leaves and my GL has got some lower leaves showing brown spots. Ph level at 6.5 and I’ve checked for spider mites. Any advice?

Indoor or Outdoor? If outdoor, planted in ground or in a container?
-5 gal. pot

Size of space (max height and area, length/width)?
closet 2.5x5x8

Soil or Hydro? Type of Medium used? System type?

pH? Of the soil or medium (root zone/reservoir/run-off) and of the water and/or nutrient mix that is fed to the plant?
ph at 6.5
hard well water
I’ve never added extra nutrients

Type and strength of nutrients used? NPK? EC/TDS/PPM levels? Of what you feed it as well as what is in the water by itself and in the soil/medium (run-off), or reservoir.
bought soil with 21.11.16
ppm unknown

Temperature? Day vs. night temp or highest and lowest temps? Root zone temps?
upper plant temp
day 78
night 74
root zone
day 75
night 72

Humidity %? Day vs. night
day 64%
night 61%

Light system/watts/lumens/FLUX/PAR?
2-250 watt full spectrum cfl with deflectors
3 plants (no scrog)

Ventilation system? Size? CFM? CO2? AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier?

Number “weeks/days” from into Season, Vegetative Growth or Bloom/flowering?
9 weeks from seed

First 3 pics. are Gold Leaf final 3 Amnesia Haze

Is it spreading from contact? If so its probably a mold in which case I’d start picking off leaves showing symptoms. If not, it is most likely a deficiency or some type of pest. Possibly even burning, it would make sense from ur Nutes but I’ve had a similar problem once and picking the leaves worked for me.

Ph i think should be higher for soil. 6.8 to 7 and it can make a difference. The heat play a big part and moisture. I spary plants with ph balanced water twice a day. To make the roots work less to get simple water to it… and i use seaweed extract. I love it. When budding i foxfarm for at leats 3 watering cycles then ph balanced seaweed extract. Look for the exhale bag. Plant will do what you want

Night high humidity. 70 to 80%. In my opion

@Soilgrowth @Idek Thanks for the replies! I’m wondering if I under watered recently. I’ve noticed no extra spreading since I found how much I should be putting on them in a watering session. Some of the fan leaves have lost some of they’re wrinkles recently too. Could this have caused some of the browning? I’ve seen recently what looks to be a couple gnats and a few fruit flies flying around also. Would a fly strip in the room be toxic? I’d also like to start flowering should I wait?

I’d recommend getting ur hands on some food grade DE, works wonders. I’ve never seen watering being the cause of spots like tht, but it can definetly be insects. Diagnosing problems can sometimes be a huge pain in the ass, but u should be able to find some helpful info

You may need cal mag or molassess ?