Week 7 Newbie - Lime Green Amnesia?

Hello all!
Newbie first time indoor tent grower. With that said, I’ve done a bunch of research before I started my grow to implement some best practices into my grow. I decided my maiden voyage would be three autos. I’m just ending week 7 of my grow….Amnesia Haze, Blueberry and Northern Lights. Have them in 3 gallon fabric pots. Had some fungus gnats early in my grow (week 1-4) and used Grow Safe sprayed on the soil. That seemed to eliminate them.

They all stretched from seedling. I uprooted and replanted all of them to the first nodes as per Robert’s grow guide. The AH was the first I attempted to replant but since this was my first time doing this, I believe I severed some of the roots because it didn’t have a (long) root system like the others. Fast forward a few weeks and all three plants were looking fabulous, but the AH was behind in its growth. Since then, I’ve been following my weekly feed schedule, LST, and trying to dial in my temps, humidity, PH, etc.

The Amnesia Haze has a lime green look throughout the plant, from top to bottom and doesn’t seem to be developing flowers like the other two girls. The leaves had burned edges with I thought was nute lockout and not nutrient deficiency because I have been feeding at half the recommended fertilizer dose. I have been using FF Big Bloom, Grow Big and Tiger Bloom and following their recommended feeding schedule (at half dose). I decided to flush the AH and the runoff was PH’d at 6.8, which seemed within range. I’ve also been supplementing with Cal-Mag every week since I’ve been using filtered watered (not RO) PH’d at 6.5.

So I’m not sure if this color is indicative of this strain since it’s Sativa heavy? The other two are Indica dominant and almost look identical (darker green). They seem to be flourishing with nice bud development so far. I’m not sure what else to do at this point. I fed the AH nutes after my last flush (one week ago) and it seems to be exactly the same. I also defoliated the canopy and trimmed all the affected brown spot leaves. Any feedback/help is appreciated, see attached pics.
My Setup:

  • 3x3 AC Infinity Grow Tent
  • 2x Abriselux LED full spectrum 150W grow lights (currently at ¾ brightness each). 18/6 light schedule, height of 16” above canopy.
  • AC Infinity 6” inline extraction fan (vents outside) with charcoal filter and controller (controller set high temp 76 and humidity 55% at fan speed #4)
  • AC Infinity 4” inline fan for intake at half speed (on 18/6 timer with grow lights)
  • 3x 6” clip fans for air movement.

Medium: Mother Earth Ground Swell in 3 Gallon fabric pots

Water: Filtered tap water PH’d to 6.5

Nutes: FF Big Bloom, Grow Big, Tiger Bloom. Cal-Mag. Feeding twice a week or every 4 days depending on plant response.
Insecticide: Grow Safe, used weeks 1-4 in soil only.

Average Temps and Humidity: 75 degrees F, 50% RH


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They look hungry for nitrogen …
But please wait for others to chime in too …
You might have other deficiencies I’m not that good yet …haha

I believe this is kinda opposite of true. I dont think youd get lockout by using half the recommended dose. Lockout comes from too many “salts” building up in the soil from liquid nutrients. If anything it would be a deficiency if it has to do with your feeding… I could be wrong with my logic though :laughing: hopefully if I am someone will correct me… Other than that the plant looks healthy and it could just be the strain difference as you mentioned. As for it being behind on flowering, thats just an autoflower, they vary.

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I’m also agreeing with @BoobletownBobby
1/2 strength ypu are probably starving them of Nitrogen

Here is a plant that I was being way too shy with the nutes

It has that lime green color to it
More extreme than your liming but the entire plant will eventually do it
Usually starts from the bottom up
More experienced members will chime in eventually better to do nothing until the proper advice is given

I am not sure if it matters. Are they photos or autos? I have grown all three. Blueberry and Amnesia were autos. Blueberry was a great plant and an easy grow. NL was the same. A great strain from ILGM.
I had numerous issues with Amnesia Haze. It was my 2nd or 3rd grow and frankly I got ahead of myself. But the issue that I had the most problem with was the soil’s pH. I also used FF Trio at the time. Calmag deficiency is a common shortfall of the Trio. You are using it so I don’t suspect that is the issue. One comment / recommendation though. The trio is customarily give in a feed-water-feed cycle. On the water only days is when you give supplements like calmag and silica. I don’t know if combining the trio with calmag causes problems like locking up / out the other nutrients. They are flowering so you should be giveing them 100% according to flower schedule using the feed-water-feed cycle. To correct my soils pH problem caused by excess nutrient / salt build up I had to thoroughly flush the soil to reset its pH by washing out the salts.
You pH what is going in but do you 1) water / feed enough to get 10 - 20% runoff 2) test this runoff for pH & PPM.
Have you flushed the soil according to fox farm’s schedule?

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Good point
I had not thought of this
I forget the exact number but on the FF cal mag bottle it does say what range to ph to in order for the plant to uptake it

Thanks for sharing. I should have clarified this. I gave half dose for weeks 3-5 and the last two weeks full dose. I’m just curious why the other two are doing great while this one seems to showing deficiency when they all have been the same exact feeding schedule. IDK if this strain needs more Nitrogen? :man_shrugging:t2:

All autos. I’ve been giving Cal-Mag separate from nutes. Runoff was 6.8 when I flushed AH. Did you have discoloration too with your grow? What was your soil PH?

Ohhh yeah, very similar. That was an outdoor grow? What strain? Mine also has purple stems but I’ve read that can be strain related or deficiency related. :upside_down_face:

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White widow …and yes it was outdoors .

Plant has been harvested about a week ago …still drying and driving me crazy haha …seems to be taking forever but I don’t mind

I think the purple stems is most likely genetic …
I think when it happens to one or two suddenly and they weren’t like that before it’s a deficiency

For the word starts with an A
And it’s what happens when the plant stops using cloryphyl

Like as it matures

Yes they were a mess. Day 62

Back then I tried keeping manual records in a binder. To say the least they are incomplete and generally unreadable. And, I did a terrible job / lack of checking pH. When I did check I found my tap water to 7.8+ and my first runoff test which was a week or so later was over 7. This is after doing a light flush and then watering only with low 6 water for over a week. Screams rookie doesn’t it.

As long as I am spilling my guts how is this for an ugly amnesia haze. I not only didn’t check pH I over fed them too. This one I nuked so bad it never really recovered

The good news is three of the four plants survived and actually produced some decent flowers.

So your plant should recover. You flushed to improve the soil pH and are monitoring intake and runoff.
Good luck the rest of the way