Help please interveinal browning

Knowing your PH is a key to helping understand things.
From what I see it’s phosphorus the purpling areas on some and potassium on ones that pointy edges of leaves are turning.
They use / need higher PK during flowering.
Not saying as an absolute just my thoughts.

Hope this helps


Very much thank you @Skydiver The dark stuff on my leaves is weird. its straight lines between veins. Ill try to get a pic with light goin thru it. Would it hurt to cut one off so i can get some good pics of it?

Am i screwed @Skydiver or is there somthing i can do? Do i increase nutes?

@Skydiver @Bulldognuts @Drinkslinger @QueenCityB

@Myfriendis410 Pics are above. Camera makes it look better than it is. not as dark and noticeable as in person.


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Have you calibrated your PH meter? What is your runoff? Both TDS and PH?

What is TDS of feeding? Any package info?

I found Promix to be the easiest to deal with and has nearly hydro growth rates. Lighter and fluffier than coco with less issues.

I agree you look to need some magnesium and in flower it can also be Phosphorus. Knowing exactly WHAT you are feeding and in the solution strength will help with this.

Just bought a ph meter today. I dont have tds they didnt have any left in the store. I aim for 6ph when feeding and the couple times i checked runoff it was close to what was put in. Ive been useing ph drops till now. Im feeding gh flora 3 part at half strength,cal mag,kool bloom,potassium silicate, epsom, molasses and was gona start with big bud next feeding. @Myfriendis410

It could be enviromental as well. What have your temps and rh been. Day/night

25c day 23-24c night 30- 40% day 40-50%night
did have one day last week when it got hot over 30c and low humidity tho

That will do it. 30c and 20 or 30 rh will dry them out. Happend to a big bud on me last year and it looked similar to what you got there. Upside tho is it was the best smoke of the grow. Real strong and would couch lock the hell out of ya.

So you think ill be ok? New growth all looks fine.

Sure. Might slow things down a bit, and yeild might be a bit smaller but not a disaster if new growth looks good. May as well trim the dead shit off.

You read my mind @Silverback im 3 weeks into flower with a 7 week strain. Until what time would it be ok to trim stuff off?

Depends on the plant and how well its growing. I do a maaaaaaaaajor defol end of week 3 if plant is strong. I did this one on Monday.

As you can see, if its a healthy plant i go at it with reckless abandon. Ill be posting a pic of this plant every week so people can see how well they bounce back if they are healthy.

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@Drinkslinger is sharp about this stuff. If hes saying ph its something you need to check thoroughly too.


i bought a ph pen today no more fluctuations @Drinkslinger @Silverback

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Ha. I think you overestimate me, but thank you.

Dont be so humble. I see the advice you dole out. Always solid.

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