Help please interveinal browning

@Drinkslinger he’s in promix and has ph in at 6.0 and out at 6.0

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@Drinkslinger i use ph test drops so there is no way for sure for me to kno

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If you get a chance put up pic of whole plant. I noticed you also have some leaf curling. Wouldn’t hurt to see whole plant.

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I could be wrong but I don’t think test drops accurate enough.


They are back in flower room will a pic from in there be ok?

What should my ph in be?

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When i look at deficiency chart it looks like cal mag deficiency to me. You all kno how new i am but could this be?

In soil you would want to be 6.3 to 6.8. In coco I believe you would want 5.8 to 6.0 I’m not sure about promix, as far as ph goes. Probably going to need someone that’s got more experience diagnosing issues. Like I was saying you’ve got the discoloration and leaf curling.

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I was told 6 is good and that hp has dolomite lime in it and if its not re-used then there is enough for one gro for sure. @Bulldognuts I was also told to treat it kind like coco its just easier and more forgiving


These are 2 different deficiencies. Since they’re frequently found together using RO/distilled/rain water, cal-mag is offered as a stand alone product. Calcium deficiency looks like cancerous spots. Magnesium like neon stripes. This does not look like either.

pH drops might suffice for your pool, but if you plan to continue cultivating cannabis do yourself a favor and buy a “decent” pH meter.

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@Drinkslinger im going to the hydroponics store tmrw for sure


I’ve only grown in soil. So I can’t really confirm what you are saying about promix and the dolomite.

It says on the bag that it has dolo. but the argument starts when the issue of how much is in there @Bulldognuts

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You don’t have to go crazy. Even a $25-$50 amazon meter will be better than the drops.

A meter that comes with storage solution, and calibration fluids/powder is a bonus. You will need those too. Try to get one with atc (auto temp compensation), it’ll give the same readings regardless of liquid temps.

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i like the price of amazon but can i really wait till it comes? Is there anything you think i can do in the meantime while i wait for it. I think the hydroguy said he had one for 50-60 @Drinkslinger

I ran some ph around 6 water thru each plant. A flush i guess

Go to Amazon and search for ph meters and TDS meters. Apera and Bluelab are the higher end meters. Get a idea how much they run to make sure hydro guy is shooting you straight on price and quality.

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Exactly. Bring your phone. Compare prices. I’ll gladly pay 10-20% more locally to get it NOW if I need it.
Just realize, you don’t “need” a $100 meter to get the job done. It may be worth it in the long run, but if you’re on a budget you can find decent ones around $30-$50.
I started out with the apera ph-20. Great meter, under $50, included a case and fluids. Worked perfectly until I broke the glass bulb. My next meter I made sure had a replaceable bulb.

Also. Your issue seems to be at the beginning stage. Fixing it tomorrow would be good, but 2-3 days from now will probably not be the end of the world.

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I promise not to freak out and over feed or do somthing stupid but what are u thinkin is my problem other than inaccurate ph?

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Around here we have a saying, “Hard tellin’ not knowin’”.

You could fill out a support ticket, which may give some info, but pH and tds in/out are pretty vital.

Imho when you sort out the pH, I think it’ll fall in line.

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