Help Noob… Is This Powdery Mildew?

So I have been growing three strands outside I got from here…,

Skittlez, Gelato and Sunset

I am growing them in fox farm ocean forest soil and fertilizing with the trio (grow big, big bloom, tiger bloom) along with cal/mag 2x a week. It’s my first outside grow, and they have been thriving. No issues with bugs or anything other then 1 false alarm when they were still inside and I sprayed them with neem oil. The weather has been mostly sunny and perfect all summer.

Yet this past week I’ve been noticing these faint white spots on some leaves. They reminded me of the wax left over from when I’ve used neem oil on them months ago, I have been cutting the leaves off with the white in it as I notice them. Originally somebody said it’s just residue from the rain. But now I am getting nervous is powdery mildew and I’m noticing it in more and more places on the Skittlez and Gelato plants.

This is my first time growing outside, and I’m a noob to this, but I just find it so odd that it could be mildew as we’ve not had rainy or overly humid days here in NY,

Any advice or a point in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.

I posted pics of the plants, leaves, and even a microscope version of the white substance. I also posted a pic of a bug I found on one of the white spots. Which now has me wondering if it could be a bug issue. But I never see any bugs on them. You can also see they are very bushy in here pics… i defoliated both of them today in fear of that being an issue. So I included pics of that too. If it’s easier all the pics are also in my google drive folder here: Marajuana Leaves - Google Drive



Yep and a spider web. Treat pwm with peroxide and water 50 to 50


So you think it is powdery mildew?

Should I not allow them to get that bushy in the future?

Or should I bring them inside to finish them off in a climate controlled area? I would hate loose all three of these plants.

Are you sure it’s not bird crap??


I am sure the more experienced growers will chime in. I do not believe pwm will kill your crop. It is a part of growing out side, I do and always do a bud wash at harvest.

I’m pretty sure it’s PW. I am just worried about it getting to the buds as they are starting flowering now.

Is the best plan to spray it with something to kill the PW and also defoliate so they aren’t so bushy?

@nip just posted a question about using Agrowlyte. A hypochlorous acid product that is apparently very effective as a contact killer of mold and a cleanser to keep molds from growing
Question about Agrowlyte Budwash

Some of the pictures look like PWM. Other looks like dried water. Other look like paint. Did you try wiping off some leaves?

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That’s the tough part, trying to figure out is it insects or fungus? Certain types of bug’s leave a sticky type of residue, mealybugs and whiteflies and im sure others do , mabey spray with a fungicide, I’m seeing a little bit of Bud Rot, i just sprayed a Budwash called Agrowlyte and Bonide makes a Fungicide, Good Luck with the problem, there are some expert Growers here who will help you, keep us posted because im interested in knowing what’s going on with your plants


I had white mold before and was told to use hydrogen peroxide to clean it up just you have to cut it with water its completely safe since its just oxygen and water

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I’d be worried about that web looking thing. Since spider mites are cyborg terminators, it’s almost impossible to stop them.


Spray with milk in the morning before the sun comes up. Make sure it’s a full sun or partly cloudy day as the sun causes the reaction between the fats, aminos, & sugars. Should kill pm. Also once this task is completed and showing effectiveness try foliage feeding a good worm/compost tea spray diluted 4/5-1 after sunset. Microbes will help mop up and feed the plant.