Help, my white widow has brown polka dots!

I have had these brown spots come and out throughout 3 times in the first 6 weeks. I used neem oil both previous times, but since my outdoor white widow auto is flowering, I dont want to use neem oil. What could be causing these spots?

IMG_75691 IMG_75711 IMG_75721

From what I can tell it looks like fungal leaf spot. But that’s just my opinion.

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That’s my thought, this is the third time battling it. What alternative other than neam oil!

Yep i had leaf septoria or how ever u spell it before. If not then its calcium

I have heard of people using a baking soda and water mix sprayed on there plants.

If this is a on going issue and it proves to be leaf spot you might want to look up what causes it. Then get rid of the source. I know it forms in moist conditions.

My water ph was in the 7.6 range, it could be the culprit for the toxic soil/bacteria.