Help Me Decide What Seeds

Should I do LSD or Candy Kush for my next seed purchase?? Any fees back is helpful.
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Both are good but the Candy Kush is still on sale rn

So are lsd seeds

Growing LSD now, didn’t look to see if it was too. :crazy_face:

Huge sale right now.

If I were to get 20 seeds then probably LSD would be my choice. Cause that THC level doh

Is it easy to grow?

Haven’t run into a strain I’ve had issues growing. May be different for others. I smoked it once and just HAD to grow my own. I’ll end up keeping a perpetual clone of it going.

I’ve got candy kush seeds but not lsd. This sale is huge. I wish they would make a mix pack sale though cause it’s hard to decide for sure.

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Awesome. I may have to try those. Im gonna decide ASAP.

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I want the Blue Pack soo bad

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Well, they want you to buy more!

My baby LSD


Haha I know but 20 seeds of one thing is a lot for me. I gotta know that I love it to want that many. And I just don’t know yet.

I know. I bought 20 blueberry auto seeds and don’t want them now.


Join the lab and trade them for others on your wish list lmao

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I hear only good things about LSD. That would be my choice.

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So 2 votes for LSD.

If your recommending it then I’m sold!

I did the same years ago. I just keept one going every grow till I used them all up. Now I want more.
I :blue_heart: BB