Whats really worth to grow!

I’m getting tired wasting time and money on growing strains that are over rated I’m looking for the best strains I don’t want to grow just for looks and smell I want something that only takes one bowel and knocks you on your butt I have grown LSD which was a complete fail on the Buzz,Northen lights Auto was a fail on the buzz White Widow same thing Fail on the buzz If I have to burn more then 2 bowels the strain is not worth growing again.The only one so far that had the best Kick was the Mowie Wowie So any body have this problem weeding through the crap till you find the one worth growing .

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Girl scout cookies extreme auto is an uppercut to the facial. Also depends on how u grow , environment setup etc.


Sounds like you are a fan of indica strains. You’ll probably want an average of 20% or high on the thc level. But most importantly, wait til you have a good % of amber trichomes before you harvest


I wish I could help you. I have smoked over 200 strains. They taste identical to me. Smell I can tell here and there while its curing.

I smoke for serious medical conditions so I learn hard to Sativas.
i am not a fan of couch lock after I smoked a huge blunt from his Creeper. I couldn’t move for over 3 hours and it felt like my soul was hovering above my lifeless corpse.

So Sativas for me.

Possible one is Chemdawg.


Anesia seeds future #1 37% thc if anything will kick your butt on a single bowl its this I think I saw it at seed city .com ( not my fave vendor they take close to a month before you get your seeds and can only pay through wire transfer or bitcoin but they have rare European varieties )

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If you’re ‘chronic’ it don’t matter what you smoke: you won’t feel it like a more lightweight smoker.

The best cultivar I’ve seen to date is the Brother’s Grimm Durban Thai/Cindy 99 cross: the best cannabis I’ve ever had.


The only thing with Brothers Grimm seeds are they only sale to states that are legal to grow The other seed companies that sale them stay sold out .

I got my Future #1 from Chosen seeds, less than 2 weeks. Haven’t grown it yet.

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They were fast.

Only thing with Seed City is they Don’t guarantee delivery if customs get them your screwed .I simply wont chance it plus they charge up to 60.00 delivery fee.