Help identifying seed pack

I had never got an order confirmation when I ordered. Completely forgot what strain this is… I’m pretty sure it’s a photo though. Thank you!

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Banana Kush


Well that was fast! Thank you!!!

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No problem! Great strain!

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Oh, I guess I’ll find out but do you happen to know if it’s a photo or auto from the packaging?

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It’s a photo. They usually put an “a” after the abbreviation for auto. Like the gorilla glue auto “GOA” I have banana Kush as well.


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It works. :v:t3:

Here’s the list for product ref.

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Well I feel dumb for asking now haha

Thank you! :flushed:

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Don’t ever feel that way around here.

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Hey @Low - Have you grown the BK before? This will be my 4th grow and I by no means consider my self an expert. What worries me is on the seed stats, it says ‘experienced grower’ for skill level. Are they really finicky?

I have not gotten to it yet. I’ve heard it’s similar to blue dream in growth, which I’m running now. Which means it likes to stretch, and fast. If attempting indoors make sure you have a tall (7’+) tent, or a really short veg time. Most the time when they make a reference towards skill it’s more or less talking about how big and vigorous it can grow (I think.). I really don’t understand how they can label a plant harder or easier to grow. Every plant is going to demand more or less of something, and grow differently.

Thanks for the reply! I read that they’re really temperamental to their environment. Heat, humidity, etc. Since I don’t have a dedicated ‘room’ but instead a tent, this worries me. Only reason I’m concerned about this plant strain in general is all the other strains I’ve picked have been in the ‘easy to grow’ category.

As far as growing goes, I’m hoping I can keep her shorter with a lot of LST as I don’t have a 7 foot tent but a 6 foot tent (more like 5’5 with my lighting)

Anyway, thank you for your feedback/time! :slight_smile:

I’m out of likes. Be warned LST doesn’t always work with plants that like to stretch. Here’s my blue dream and the lst I did. I also have the same tent height. My light is now at the ceiling of the tent. Also broke and bent branches to try and tame the height…


From what I’ve heard / seen the biggest thing to be careful of with the Banana Kush is humidity. I think its a bit prone to bud rot. Should do fine indoors with good airflow I’d imagine. Plenty of successful harvests throughout the forum. :+1: :sunglasses:

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Omg, my jaw literally dropped when I saw the size they get to. Holy cow they get tall. Seed description says ‘medium’ as far as height goes lol. Hoping you had those in veg for 6 months?

This should be a fun one haha

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LOL 7 week veg