Any auto seeders in here? I got a couple questions for ya

So 2 months ago i had this gorilla glue auto start to pop up with bananas in late flower. At the same time my bro was growing 4 autos in pre flower. A gorilla glue, Bruce banner, purple kush and a girl scout cookies extreme. At some point i think it was accidently pollinate. Idk. Now my bros grow is coming close and the purple kush is showing seeds, 4 so far.
I’m curious if these will be autos first off.
What traits can i expect or will it be a wild card?
Gorilla kush or purple glue?
Will these be feminized seeds?
Will it go back to the ruderalis trait.?
None of the other plants are showing seeds. Idk.
I remember this was something i wanted to try with cs. Talked about it on here in the past using auto clones with cs but i just never got around to it.
Thanks for reading and any input is welcome.

Current grow purple kush with seed

Gorilla glue showing bananas back in the beginning of April.