Help identify White Widow leaf spotting

Hey there,

I am not new to growing, but new to using seeds and after a rough start and I have been doing a lot of reading here and have progressed quite a bit and things have been going really well, and plants have been really taking off.

However for whatever reason one starting showing some spots, yellowing and I have read a lot of posts, but I was hoping someone could help me identify what possibly could be happening. I would like to nip this in the bud so to speak if possible before it progresses much more and can buy whatever I need to correct this issue. I have 5 in total about the same size, anywhere from 6-8 weeks old, and like I said they have been growing really well.

Currently in a closet with two Viparspectre V450 LED, in Black gold soil, 73 deg always, PH right on the mark at 6.5. One light I just added last week and this plant is the one having problems under the additional light, it had been not quite under the light as things have expanded quite a bit. I have been using a diluted solution of MaxiGro and watching my water for sure, I have used it for clones and it works great, very rapid growth, even with a little

. So I posted some pics with the hope someone can get me on track, and I thank you very much for the help, I have high hopes for these and this place has been great.

I grow with organic soil and don’t get too hung up when an individual plant looks slightly off from the others.

So for me, I would just take note and see how she progresses.

I’m sure others will chime in with more reactive advice which is probably better than my, watch it grow advice.

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Thanks AAA! I thought the same, but the amount I don’t know greatly outweighs what I do know!