Help, I cant figure out what is the matter, new grower

Strain; Tragic Magic Agent Orange
Soil in Smart Pots

System type? Outdoor

PH of runoff or solution in reservoir? I have added PH down as tap water is above 8.0 (about a tbsp/5 gal)

What is strength of nutrient mix? 1/2 strength 1x weekly

Indoor or Outdoor Outdoor

Light system, size? N/A

Temps; Day, Night Day average 80-84, night low 50’s

Humidity; Day, Night current is 43%, average is 36% (as per info on
Ventilation system; N/A

AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier, N/A

Co2; Yes, No N/A

a little info, I first noticed leaves doing this on 8-11-16, it was a quick onset and I had no idea as to why. I have tried to deduce through image comparisons of deficiencies and am not able to locate anything that resembles my leaves.

I did a soil flush, thinking I blocked a nutrient out after discovering my pH was so high. I did 2 flushes in 3 days. Quite a bit of leaves have recovered however there are a few lingering ones.
Can you please help me figure out what I have going on here. I have 2 females, both of which were affected, however the other one has fully recovered.

Not all leaf damage from pH issues will repair themselves, some damage is just too much and can involve immobile nutrients.

What’s the current pH is in the soil? At the root zone would be a bigger help.

You can get an estimate of this by measuring some of the extra water that comes out the bottom of the container (called the “run-off”). But this can be inaccurate if done incorrectly and/or depending on the type of soil mixture you are using. I.E. layered soil techniques will not be very accurate with this method of testing, or if you can’t get the run-off to go through the more center root zone of the container to get a more accurate average of the soil’s composition.

Also, what type of nutrients are you using? Half strength doesn’t mean much without some context. Also, half strength could be part of the problem, this could lead to deficiencies in certain instances. A EC or TDS reading of your water by itself, mixed with nutrients, and of the run-off, would all be helpful in helping you out.

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Ive layered my soil and this could be why my run off is low, i knew if i serched the forum something would make sense. Makes me feel a little better, thanks @MacGyverStoner